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Pleasant Valley FCE Club meets

Pleasant Valley FCE Club meets

Posted: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 10:58 pm

Pleasant Valley Family and Community Education Club members met recently at the Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church fellowship building. The meeting was called to order by president Virginia Yarbrough. Members answered the roll by naming their favorite Halloween candy. Some answers included candy corn, Hershey™ bars and “anything chocolate.” The club welcomed two guests — Kathyrn McLaughin and Tim Storey. Storey’s mother, the late Myra Storey, was a member of the club. He is moving to Missouri and visited the club before leaving Union City. Catharine Williams provided the devotional from Philippians 3:14. The verse, paraphrased, asks, “How many times do we forgive?” She related the story of a young woman who had killed a young man in a drunk driving incident. The parents, who were so upset, went to the judge and asked if there was something he could sentence her to other than a prison term. The judge thought and then asked the boy’s parents in. He said, “I sentence you to write a journal and in the journal put down a kind deed you do for someone and sign this boy’s name to it. Each month you do this and at the end of each year I want to see you and the journal. You must do this for three years. This is your sentence.” Obion County University of Tennessee Extension agent Benita Giffin gave the program on identity theft. She gave several places to contact if members do not want junk mail, do not want telemarketing calls and want to be able to do a credit check. She said members should be aware of scams and suspicious mail and if they think they have been a victim they should call police and report it. It was decided officers will remain the same for the next year. On Thursday, club members will meet at the Obion County Public Library for a work day for decorations for the Christmas tree the club plans to enter in the Obion County Museum Parade of Trees contest. The next meeting will be Nov. 19. Published in The Messenger 10.22.08


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