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Our readers write — letters to the editor

Our readers write — letters to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, October 22, 2008 10:58 pm

  Strong leader

needed in US


To The Editor:

Considering the president of the United States is the most powerful position in the Free World, I would think we should take considerable time studying the backgrounds, experience, education and performance under stress of every candidate. 

After watching the polls on television, obviously I must be in a very small minority of voters. I don’t believe in voting based on gender, ethnic group, color or religion, or necessarily party affiliation. I don’t look for a candidate that knows everything about all the areas they will be dealing with because that person does not exist, but the president’s cabinet of specialists does.

Having spent over 22 years in the military and another 21 years with a chemical firm, I can’t imagine electing someone as Commander in Chief of the military when they know nothing about it and have never served, and at a time when we need a very strong, efficient military. We also need a strong Congress that can “work together” and pass legislation to curb corruption in government and industry, control immigration, create jobs, improve health care, and elevate our educational system to where we can compete with any other nation.

None of these things will happen if we continue to vote only on party lines, color, ethnicity, gender or our own greed. We need a strong leader, not an individual with a questionable past.

Gary Spence


Obion mayor

disputes claims

To The Editor:

The following is in response to the assertions that were made by the former mayor of Obion in last Thursday’s edition of The Messenger. Some corrections need to be made and the record needs to be set straight.

For starters, water and sewer rates are not higher because the present administration called the state inspector to check the sewer system. The state inspector was not called; it is his job to periodically check the town’s sewer system. When repairs weren’t made by the former administration, repairs had to be made. 

Contrary to what the former mayor stated, the town has not paid more than $500,000 in repairs. 

The town of Obion has applied and hopes to receive a sewer grant in the immediate future.

As it relates to the bond issue, it was paid off after 40 years, but every town has sewer rates that citizens pay for the services that are provided. The town has sewer taps already in place so there are no problems with the hook up.

The water lines in question were run to the subdivision during the former mayor’s term. He was in charge to see that the job was done properly.

In conclusion, natural gas rates are set according to what our provider charges the town, with transportation, storage and consulting fees added.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to state the actual facts.

Patsy Barker


McCain talking 

on both sides

To The Editor:

I almost lost my teeth the other day! I was listening to a McCain campaign speech on TV when I heard him promise strong support for labor unions. My mouth flew open and my teeth fell out. I was so bumfuzzled at McCain’s words that it was a second or two before I noticed them skidding across the floor. I rescued them just as they were  heading out the door.

I had no more than put them back where they belonged when I heard McCain declaim that every American worker should have the right to join a labor union. I had to clamp my mouth shut with my hands; or else my teeth would have been heading for the door again.

I know what you’re saying. This is a ridiculous story. You’re right. It is ridiculous. My teeth couldn’t have fallen out because they are the teeth I was born with. But the story is no more ridiculous than is McCain’s pledge of support for labor unions.

You see, as a retired blue-collar working man, I know a little about his past support for unions. It’s almost nonexistent. So, why the change of heart? I could come up with only one answer. It’s the Palin effect. On second thought, though, maybe McCain is trying to butter his bread on both sides.

Bob Miller

Union City

Stand behind 

next president

To The Editor:

John McCain redeemed his honor the other day. At least he did in my eyes. When one of his supporters remarked that she couldn’t trust Obama, McCain spoke up. “No, ma’am … he’s an honorable and decent human being … that you don’t have to be scared (of) as president.” My wife said she could have hugged and kissed him when she heard those words, but I said that a letter would be enough.

Why did McCain do such an about-face? Perhaps he realized that the incendiary, rabble-rousing remarks he and Palin had been making about Obama’s ties to Bill Ayers were not helping his ratings. Or maybe he was thinking about Palin’s ties to the Alaskan Independence Party, an avowedly anti-American political party that since its founding in the 1970s has been devoted to secession from the United States.

The party’s founder declared many times that he had no use for our country and that he would fight it “with any means at hand.” In 1993, under the sponsorship of Iran, he gave a speech at the U.N. vilifying the United States as a tyranny. Palin’s husband was  a member of this  party from 1995-2002. Palin, herself, attended its conventions in 1994 and in 2000. In September of this year, instead of attending the convention, she sent a video-taped speech wishing the party good luck and God’s blessings. Knowing all this, maybe McCain decided to back off before Obama played the same card he and Palin had been playing.

I choose to believe, however, that McCain changed course and took the high road because he realized he had unintentionally provoked a mob mentality among more than a few of his supporters. I choose to believe that he chose to divorce himself from some of the remarks that had been made at his rallies; remarks such as “Kill the terrorist,” and “Off with his head.” I choose to believe that he decided winning the presidency was not worth losing his honor.

We are now almost at the end of this presidential campaign season. No matter which candidate wins, we all need to remember that as long as the president we elect, his integrity works for the common good rather than for special interests, admits his mistakes and learns from them, then every American, no matter his politics, should stand, not against him, but behind him. That’s what being an American is all about.

David Hamblen

Union City

Timeline votes

focus of scrutiny

To The Editor:

I have to hand it to Cindy McCain. At a campaign rally the other day, she really let Obama have it for voting against funding the troops in Iraq. Seeing as how she and Senator McCain have a son serving over there, I sympathized with her outrage.

Obama claims that he voted against the funding because there was no time line given for the troops’ withdrawal. A month or two later, McCain voted against the same funding because a time line for the withdrawal was included.

So, after McCain had finished lambasting Obama, I waited expectantly for her to turn her guns on her husband, who was standing right behind her. I even winced thinking about the carnage I would shortly be witness to. But she never took aim.

Nor did Palin, who also has a son in Iraq. Could it be that McCain never told his wife or Palin the whole story about who voted for what? Oops! Hope I didn’t let the cat out of the bag.

Brenda Miller

Union City

Turn hearts, 

minds to God

To The Editor:

I want to comment on a letter recently in The Messenger entitled, “The possibility of Christians in America; facing persecutions for their faith and declaring the Gospel of Salvation by faith in Christ Jesus; and Jesus alone.”

Jesus alone saves; no other name given among men can and will save; only one has to call on God in simple trusting faith to have his or her name written in the Lambs Book of Life. 

Repentence confession acknowledging; our need to salvation; trusting, believing God’s holy word to save all who call on Him in Jesus name the one who died to redeem all mankind. You can’t have it better than that. How glorious  is even the thought of being redeemed — a debt we cannot pay on our own.

Wake up, America. Repent, starting with the churches and pastors for our sins, for our nation, all are guilty. Let  us turn our minds and hearts and nation back to God. 

Elect Godly men and women to the high offices of this great land; brought forth by the power of Almighty God the creator, holy redeemer of all. It’s his world, He made all things for his own praise, honor and glory.

God grant me mercy we so greatly need.

Malachi 3:16, 17, 18. A Book of Remembrance.

Margaret Bizwell

Published in The  Messenger 10.22.08


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