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Dresden Duplicate Club News

Dresden Duplicate Club News

Posted: Tuesday, October 21, 2008 2:27 pm
By: By Toni Pritchett

On a beautiful day in our neighborhood, Dresden Duplicate Bridge Club met and had 16 bridge players ready to exemplify their hard-earned knowledge of how to win or “lose” at their favorite game. Getting the game started, director Toni Pritchett announced that today was Joni Martin’s (Paris) birthday and for everyone to be kind and lenient with her this day. We ate and enjoyed fresh pineapple with cheese wedges, fancy nuts, beef and onion cheese ball, spinach dip with Scoops and Lucy’s Bogue’s platter of petite apricot fried pies. Yummy. Winners of this game were Jack Bogue of Milan and Toni P, first place; Jackie Hohman and Carol Ehlers of Paris, second; Tom Beard and Sarah Pentecost of Dresden, third. The presidential race is getting closer; don’t forget to vote. Speaking of presidents, did you all know that President Gerald Rudolph Ford was born Leslie Lynch King Jr.? He was named after his biological father, Leslie King Sr. He was renamed Gerald R. Ford Jr. after his adopted father. King, his biological father married Dorothy Gardner in 1912. The tempestuous marriage ended three years later. His father was reportedly to have beaten his wife many times and she fled with her infant son, the future president to safety to her parents in Grand Rapids, Mich. In one year later she married Gerald Rudolph Ford, the owner of a paint store. Mr. Ford adopted her son and renamed him after himself. President Ford remembered seeing his biological father only two times in his entire life. More about Ford later. Attending a party recently, in fact my birthday, Sept. 28, my daughter Peg Crawford prepared this for dessert. Banana Fondue Fritters 1 cup buttermilk baking mix 1 cup water 1 egg 1/4 teaspoon almond extract Salad oil 2 bananas, cut into ½-inch slices or more Beat mix, water, egg and extract until smooth. Pour oil in fondue pot 1 to 1 1/2 inches deep. Heat on fondue stand oven until it is hot enough to brown a 1-inch bread cube in 1 minute. With long-handled forks, each person dips banana slice in batter, cooks it is hot oil until puffed and golden brown, then roll fritter in confectioner’s sugar. So good. Variations: Substitute two apples cut into wedges, dipped into batter and roll in cinnamon sugar. Substitute strawberries, dip 1/2 pint fresh berries in mixture and roll in confectioner’s sugar. Use canned pineapple chunks, drained, and dipped in mixture and confectioner’s sugar. Enjoy.wcp 10-21-08


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