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Vacation pictures great but don’t always tell whole story

Vacation pictures great but don’t always tell whole story

Posted: Friday, October 17, 2008 9:30 pm

Vacation pictures great but don’t always tell whole story | Just A Thought, David Critchlow Jr.
The sun and the beach. There is nothing like them. As I sit in a rented Florida condo taking in the scenery, the view is spectacular. The sun is shining brightly through a backdrop of blue skies with a few billowy white clouds. The Gulf of Mexico below is a combination of a rich, deep blue that turns a greenish tint as it breaks toward the shore. The shore … Oh, that beautiful snowy white Destin shore. The first time I stepped onto that sandy beach and felt it ooze between my toes, I wished I could take it with me everywhere. Lucky me. My wish came true. Everywhere I walk, the sand follows. In fact, as I sit here at the kitchen table, I can feel the grittiness of sand under my feet. But how could that be? I haven’t even been on the beach today. That’s the beauty of a beach vacation. Everywhere you go, the beach goes with you. And “go to the beach” is what my wife, daughters and several of our friends wanted to do on the kids’ fall break from school. And with kids, the beach becomes an even more prevalent part of the vacation — throughout the house, car and everywhere else. Fortunately, there are places to go to get a respite from the beach — the golf course, for example. And there are plenty of them to choose from here in Destin. As I pondered a round of golf, I visualized those luscious green fairways meandering through the trees and dotted with beautiful, white … uh oh, … bunkers, as in sand bunkers. Drop a shot in one of those early in the round and there is a good chance that the shot hit to extricate the ball could send sand trickling down my neck — a real delight on a long, hot day of golf. On the bright side, I could miss the bunkers and land in one of the ponds and lakes that seem to surround every fairway. Water, sand … I might as well be at the beach. The good thing about the beach is being able to get in the water to get the sand off and try a little boogie-boarding with the kids. The red flag flying to warn swimmers the waves are larger than normal and the undertow more powerful makes for fun boogie-boarding — at least until one of those larger than normal waves breaks over your head and starts churning you under with a mixture of swirling water and sand. That’s right. More sand. On top of that, I lost the hat I was wearing to protect my balding noggin from the sun and got a mouthful of saltwater. Whipped by the sun, saltwater and sand, I decided I needed a break, so I left the beach and returned to the house for a shower. I felt refreshed but figured a little catnap would really complete my recovery. With relaxing thoughts in mind, I slipped my feet under the covers and into the … sand.  Looking ahead, I know I’ll enjoy the pictures from our beach vacation. In fact, by the time fall break comes around next year, I probably will have all the sand out of my ears, clothes and car and think what a great idea it is to return to this beautiful place. I just hope my family knows better than to try to get me to book it now. ——— David Critchlow Jr. may be reached by e-mail at Published in The Messenger 10.17.08


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