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Photo: Field of Dreams

Photo: Field of Dreams

Posted: Thursday, October 16, 2008 9:06 pm

Photo: Field of Dreams | Field of Dreams, UC Football Field
FIELD OF DREAMS — School is out, but young men’s hearts are never far from their favorite sports or the teams they follow. Friends Kyle Freeman (left) and Stone Beavers made good use of the excellent weather in the early part of their fall break from school to create their own football field. The boys measured off a space only a little smaller than a regulation field and painted not only the boundaries but some special highlight features such as decorative purple lines in the end zones and bright gold tornadoes framing a purple “UC” midfield. They had hoped to begin play on the field today, but rain may delay that goal for a while. Kyle, 13, is the son of Lori Freeman of Union City and is a seventh-grade student at Ridgemont Elementary School. Stone, 12, is the son of Gary and Lisa Beavers of Union City and is a seventh-grader at Union City Middle School.


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