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Fortnightly Club meets

Fortnightly Club meets

Posted: Thursday, October 16, 2008 3:45 pm

The Fortnightly Club met Saturday, Oct. 4, in the home of Mrs. Carolyn Brown. Mrs. Brown was assisted by her co hostesses Mrs. Dottie Smith and Mrs. Carolyn Gresham, who served members and guest a delicious dessert plate and an assortment of beverages. The guest speaker for the day was Mrs. Sandra Robbins. Mrs. Robbins took us on her journey toward becoming a published writer. She now has several published books in the field of Christian fiction. Members are excited for her and enjoyed hearing about her pursuit of a longtime dream of being an author. To further peak our interest, she gave a brief review of her book, “Bloodlines.” Following the speaker, our president, Mrs. Lynn Gibson, conducted a business meeting. Members in attendance not previously mentioned were Mrs. Ruby Brundige, Mrs. Frances Cates, Mrs. Nancy Claybrook, Mrs. Jerri Conley, Mrs. Evelyn Culvahouse, Mrs. Sue Foote, Mrs. Carolyn James, Mrs. Donna Jones, Mrs. Judy Keene, Mrs. Nelle Sparks and Mrs. Melba Wash. wcp 10-16-08


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