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Correspondents luncheon held

Correspondents luncheon held

Posted: Thursday, October 16, 2008 3:49 pm
By: By Toni Pritchett

A special tribute should be made to Greenbrier Meadows of Martin residents and staff, and I have elected myself to do it. Recently, I received an invitation from “special events coordinator” and Debra Ams. They invited me and all other correspondents who write news of the community for the Weakley County Press and the Dresden Enterprise to a luncheon. They even called us the day before the luncheon to check that we would be there. So, on a beautiful Thursday afternoon, several correspondents were there to enjoy a wonderful luncheon. The meal consisted of large slices of ham, potato puffs, delicious beans, hot cornbread and butter. There were side dishes of fresh onions and pickles, plus a variety of drinks. After the meal, a selection of desserts was served. After dining, people introduced themselves, giving a short resume about what each did, for how long and for what church or society or column they write. We all met one another. I particularly enjoyed Charleen Harris who sat across from me, Nell Scott from the Weakley County Press next to me and Marsha Gardner one seat down. We all enjoyed hearing the stories everyone told and shared with us. Lisa Hardy, our nurse for the day sat at the end of my table and attended to our every need. What a joyous occasion this turned out to be. It is wonderful to be made special at a certain time of your life, and we did feel that way. They took pictures and gave us gifts. One gift was a green cup with a spoon hanging on the side. It could be used for coffee, tea, water, beer, Ensure or whatever. So, thank you to Greenbrier for treating us with such favorable attention.wcp 10-16-08


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