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2008 West Tennessee Youth Outdoor Jamboree a huge success

2008 West Tennessee Youth Outdoor Jamboree a huge success

Posted: Thursday, October 16, 2008 9:06 pm
By: By Rob Somerville

The view at the University of Tennessee at Martin Ag Pavilion on Sept. 27 was reminiscent of a scene from the movie, “The Wizard of Oz.” I am referring to the part of the movie when a handful of adult characters are surrounded by the “munchkins” who are joyfully, and loudly, prancing about, while the adults look on in wonder. The reason for this comparison is that no matter which direction you looked, whether inside the massive complex, or outside on the surrounding acreage, there were little people running, skipping about and having the time of their lives, while the older folks just stared on in awe … and maybe just a little envy as they wished they were young enough to participate in all of the fun, learning and activities provided by volunteers. I once again want to thank our committee, with special kudos to Lon May and Jonathan Harrison, for making this 12th annual event such a huge success. Without all of our volunteers, the university and the local and national vendors (all of who made this non-profit event a hit), it could not have been pulled off. Each year, the crowd of children and their parents grows, while the number of volunteer helpers dwindles. If you want to see this Jamboree reach its 13th year next October, WE NEED YOUR HELP! You can contact me by e-mail at It truly is a worthwhile cause, because after all, our kids are our most precious natural resource. They are our future! See ya, Rob Published in The Messenger 10.16.08


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