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Harrison seeks re-election to UC seat

Harrison seeks re-election to UC seat
Union City councilman and retired banker Bill “Rat” Harrison has announced his candidacy for re-election as councilman-at-large.
“It has been my pleasure to serve the City of Union City as councilman-at-large. This has always been and will always be my home and the place where I raised my children and grandchildren,” Harrison said.
“This is the place I hold dearest to my heart, and I want nothing but the best for it.”
He is a graduate of Union City High School and a former employee of Loveless Farmer Wholesale Grocery and a former loan officer with Old and Third National Bank and First State Bank. He spent 46 years in the local banking industry, retiring in January 2002.
He was active in several civic organizations and was one of the original organizers of the Union City Babe Ruth League baseball program.
A resident of Ward 3 for 65 years, he has lived on East Cheatham Street 56 years.
“We have so many things here in Union City of which we should be proud,” he said.
Among them are a good school system — “one of the best in the state” — well-trained, well-equipped police and fire departments, a professional public works department and good water and sewer systems, he said.
“The Parks and Recreation Department has made our parks a place to be enjoyed. Most people in the community want to proceed with the improvements we have seen take place,” he said. “This is a must to attract the attention of new industry, retail outlets and families to the area. This department is also instrumental in the upkeep and maintenance of our local cemeteries.”
Harrison said he has enjoyed working with the Obion County Industrial Development Board and the Chamber of Commerce. “Their continued search to recruit new industry is vital to the growth of this area. The fact that they continuously work with existing industry and agencies to provide jobs for families here and families moving to our area is evidence of our desire to grow and prosper as a community.”
Union City, Harrison said, has much to offer and the best may be yet to come. “We must not become complacent with mediocrity,” he said. “It takes a lot of hard work to be the best, and I feel we have the ability to be just that.
“I pledge to you my time and energy in making this town the best home town for everyone. But I need your help to get there.”
Published in The Messenger 10.13.08

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