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Tulip Grove Chapter meets for opening year session

Tulip Grove Chapter meets for opening year session

Posted: Friday, October 10, 2008 9:29 am
By: by Aline Roberts

The Tulip Grove Chapter, United States Daughters of 1812 met Sept. 3 for their opening year session for 2008-09 at the Jackson Country Club. Chapter President Regina East called the meeting to order. Mrs. Terry Nelson served as chaplain pro tem and led the 1812 Ritual. All in unison sang the national anthem. Patsy Weatherington led the patriotic exercises: the pledge to the U.S. flag, the salute to the flag of 1812 and the salute to the flag of Tennessee. Julia Mestemacher read the Purposes of the national society. Mrs. Mina Wright led the group in reciting the American’s Creed. President, Mrs. East, welcomed everyone to the meeting and a new prospect, Loraine Miller. The group signed a card for Mrs. Pat Rhoton, honorary state regent, who is ill at this time. State Flag Chairman, Mrs. Donna Cooley, handed out various flag items and asked all to give them to our grandchildren or Sunday school class. Items were flag chains, flag pins and mints with flag wrapping. She asked all to fly their flag each day if possible. National Defense topic was to urge all to vote in the upcoming election. Remarks were discussed that the United States is helping Iraq establish democracy and we support all our troops wherever they are engaged in war to give us freedom in our country. Aline Roberts gave the treasurer’s report. She said, “All dues are paid and mailed early to the state treasurer. We lost one member by resignation, Jane Gilley, of Jackson. We have 21 adult members, four juniors and one FADD for a total of 26 members in the chapter. Registrar, Mrs. Joan Harmon, was sick and couldn’t attend. Mrs. East said she was typing members’ “Family Traditions” and she needed just a few members’ papers to have that project complete. Mrs. Joan Harmon and Mrs. Barbara Stegall, Tulip Grove members, told everyone they are marking the grave of James Doyle and Nancy J. Dodd, at 3 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 5, at Suttles Chapel Cemetery, in Parsons. They invited all to attend. Chapter President, Mrs. East, read the invitation of the “Dedication Ceremony to the Memory of Mary Norman West Keisling,” honorary president national and honorary TN state president, was held Sept. 27 at the Hatcher Hall Cemetery in Monroe, Overton County. The speaker for the meeting was Joann Birmingham who spoke on “How to Trace Your Ancestor.” She showed books one could use. They were “Gateway to Empire” (traces the settling of the Illinois region from 1763 to 1816) by Allan W. Eckert; “The War of 1812 Genealogy” by George K. Schweitzer; “The Old North West Seaway Train Guidebook to the War of 1812” by Patrick Wilder. “The Peopling of America-A Timeline of Events that Helped Shave our Nation 1780-1819” by Allan S. Kullea; Atlas of American History by James Truslow Adams; “Winfield Scott, The Quest for Military Glory” (Montreal Campaign and the Niagara area, Battle of Lundy Lane & Battle of Chippewa) by Timothy D. Johnson; “In the Navies Mountains, The Battles on the Waters of Lake Champlain and Lake George, 1609-1814” by Harrison Bird; “The Federal Road, through Georgia, the Creek Nation and Alabama 1806-1836” by Henry Deleon Southerland Jr. and Jerry Elijah Brown; “The British at the Gates, New Orleans Campaign in the War of 1812” by Robin Reilly. Everyone enjoyed her presentation. We closed the meeting with a prayer and had a tasty lunch. wcp 10-7-08


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