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A ‘place of grace’ for baby Gracin

A ‘place of grace’ for baby Gracin
A 'place of grace' for baby Gracin | Place of Grace, Stacey Davidson, hyperbaric, Gracin Davidson, Martin

Ryder and sister Gracin Davidson
Gracin Davidson’s mother said she knew instantly at birth that something was wrong with her baby girl. Within days, Gracin had to be rushed to The Med in Memphis for a moderate to large heart murmur. Stacey Davidson’s tragic story does not end there. Her and her husband, Kevin, had to withstand being at their infant daughter’s bedside when Gracin underwent heart surgery at only four months old. Stacey described her daughter’s condition as a chromosomal disorder. Gracin was eventually diagnosed with a form of deletion syndrome. “The deletion syndrome causes moderate to severe developmental delays. Typically, children are crawling by three years of age and walking by age five or six. Gracin has a congenital heart condition, seizures and a failure to thrive,” Stacey explained. Throughout a normal pregnancy, Stacey said she had no idea what was in store for her family when it was discovered her second child had a condition experienced by only 1 in 10,000 to 20,000 children. After three years, Stacey has discovered a place that offers hope for children such as her daughter. “A Place of Grace” in Wisconsin offers intensive therapy using oxygen as a key treatment for people with conditions similar to three-year-old Gracin’s condition. “I have read testimonials from people that have gone through the treatments. There are children that used to have seizures that are no longer having seizures after this therapy,” Stacey said. As a mother, she said she is willing to utilize every possible access to treatment for her child. “I am pleading for my child,” Stacey added. The hyperbolic treatment center in Wisconsin is designed to provide oxygen treatments and therapy for its patients. Unfortunately for many families, health insurance does not provide any financial benefits. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT or HBO) is a painless procedure in which a person is exposed to increased pressure, thus allowing greater absorption of oxygen throughout body tissues. This increased pressure allows more oxygen to reach the cells within the body therefore contributing to the many healing and therapeutic benefits. The concept of hyperbaric oxygenation has been in existence as early as 1662 but has only gained recognition in conventional medicine over the past 40 years. This therapy aids in circulation, assists in cleansing the body of toxins, rejuvenates skin cells, as well as increases energy and endurance. From reducing tumor growth to helping aid with anti-immune disorders, the restoration of oxygen has proven beneficial to patients utilizing the hyperbolic chamber treatments. For the Davidson family, the intense program regimen for treatment would require 52 days at the clinic in Wisconsin. The first round of 40 treatments would last for 26 days. As Stacey explained, the cost just to obtain an appointment at the center is $4,850. It would include a doctor’s visit. Travel expenses and food are not included in any of the costs. Stacey has been diligent in trying to garner donations and host fundraisers to get her daughter to Wisconsin. “It’s my child and I have to do what I have to do. I hope to get all that we can once we get there including therapy and counseling,” Stacey added. Her husband plans to stay behind so that the family can still get an income. As of now, there has already been a gate collection at Kevin’s workplace for donations. Stacey said Martin businesses have been generously offering items for a “Date Night” raffle, which would include a dozen roses, a gift certificate to the Opera House restaurant and movie tickets. Tickets are $5 each. Call Stacey at 514-3665 for more information. There is also an account known as the Gracin Davidson Hyperbolic Fund at First State Bank for anyone wishing to make a donation to the cause. Stacey said her hope is to get her daughter to Wisconsin “as soon as possible.” WCP 10.07.08

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