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Gwaltney seeking UC Council position

Gwaltney seeking UC Council position
Paul D. Gwaltney is announcing his candidacy for an at-large position on the Union City Council in the Nov. 4 general election.
Gwaltney said he was contacted by former council members, including the late Barbara Williams, who served on the council for 16 years, and encouraged to seek office.
“I find it my civic duty to repay the community,” he said.
Gwaltney has been a resident of Union City since he was in high school. He is a member of Troy Western Sun Lodge 88 Free & Accepted Masons and attends Union City Church of God.
He has one daughter, who is a physical therapist, and two granddaughters.
In announcing his candidacy, Gwaltney said he believes that, throughout the years, there has been “an obvious pattern” in Union City of a population decrease while taxes — including property taxes — have increased.
“Union City has a hometown, neighborly atmosphere that should continue with such a feeling,” he said. “Newly-elected city council members should initially cut frivolous spending, which would ultimately decrease taxes. Regardless, there are residents paying taxes on everyday expenditures of purchases such as sales taxes.
“Working together to increase population within city limits, sales tax revenues would automatically increase, resulting in property taxes to decrease. This would ultimately entice new residents to move within city limits.”
Gwaltney said he believes it is a common sense approach to ultimately decrease property taxes, which will increase the population and result in an increase in sales taxes without the taxes increasing.
“In other words, subsequent to the population increase, there will be more taxpayers, resulting in more tax revenue, which results in each household paying less in property taxes per year,” he said.
Gwaltney said he believes a new city council will bring new ideas to the city, which will bring new accomplishments and achievements. He is urged voters to elect those whom they believe will always have the city’s best interest at heart.
“I will eagerly work for and with all Union City residents,” he said.
Published in The Messenger 10.09.08

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