Public works director seeks patience from residents in ongoing limb pickup

Public works director seeks patience from residents in ongoing limb pickup

Posted: Wednesday, October 1, 2008 9:13 pm
By: Donna Ryder Messenger Associate Editor


Messenger Associate Editor

Union City residents are being asked to be patient when it comes to the pick up of limbs in the city.

Public works director Steve Ladd said Barker Brothers is doing the best it can and is dealing with other areas also hit hard by the recent wind storm.

Ladd said Barker Brothers is working one truck each day, bringing in a second truck during the afternoons. An effort to seek assistance from additional boom trucks was unsuccessful because they have been dispatched to the Texas and Louisiana areas. Ladd said Barker Brothers has tried to stick with its regular schedule but has been diverted to clear heavily-traveled roads first.

Saturday was a busy day in the city, with Barker Brothers using three trucks and the city’s public works department also running three trucks. Ladd said because Barker Brothers is under contract with the city to pick up limbs, the city is fully reimbursed any expenses associated with limb pickup.

Those who wish to clear the limbs from their property may also transport them to one of two bins that have been placed for Union City residents only at the former Reelfoot Packing Co. and on Jackson Street at the site of the former county highway department garage. Ladd asked residents not to throw limbs on the ground at those sites and said if one bin is not available the residents should go to the other one. Owners of the lots being used do not want limbs strewn on the ground there, and Ladd said this tossing of limbs on the ground slows the process of cleanup because the boom truck has to be pulled off the route to pick up the limbs that have been dumped. He added Barker Brothers is trying to empty the bins as soon as they are filled and at least one will be available at all times.

Ladd is also asking residents not to pile their limbs in the roadway. He said there have been several instances of residents blocking the flow of traffic and the city having to use 


a backhoe to push the limbs into those yards. He said limbs piled in the roadway also affect drainage by blocking the storm sewer and if the city receives rain, there could be localized flooding.

“We’re still looking at a number of weeks (before all the brush is cleared),” Ladd said, adding the storm caught “everybody behind the eight ball. We’re doing everything we can, addressing it the best we can with the manpower we’ve got.”

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