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Our readers write — letters to the editor — Barber

Our readers write — letters to the editor — Barber

Posted: Wednesday, October 1, 2008 9:16 pm

  Does country or party come first?

To The Editor:

Do you love your party more than your country? You and I have never known what it’s like to not be free. We often wondered what it would be like to not be free. We often wondered what it would be like, but never really thought it would happen. Wake up, people. It could and will if Obama is our commander in chief. He does not want to do anything against our enemy because our enemy is his friends.

I look at our little children and wonder what will happen to them if we don’t protect them with our vote. It seems people are more concerned with money than their freedom. If we are not free, then material things will not mean anything.

Just look around and see what type of people support him (Obama)… the liberals, media, Hollywood and people like Oprah. Oprah thinks so highly of herself that she believes she can rewrite the Bible. That should tell you something.

I wouldn’t want to meet the good Lord knowing I voted for a president who thinks the right thing to do is to murder babies.

McCain was willing to die for his country and almost did. He has a very good and smart woman as his running mate. She seems to be a wonderful woman and we need more women like her… especially in politics. I believe the people on the left feel threatened by Mrs. Palin. She is very good, smart and can’t help it if she’s pretty.

I believe we have more good than bad people in America (no matter what color of skin). I believe when they walk into the voting booth, they will vote for McCain/Palin because they know that no one knows how they vote. People know we will be safer with McCain and Palin as our leaders.

Please, please do the right thing.

Mrs. D.W. Barber

Union City
Published in The Messenger 10.01.08

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