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Mail voting rules set

Mail voting rules set

Posted: Friday, September 12, 2008 1:05 pm

 The Messenger. 09.12.08

Obion County voters who wish to request a ballot that will enable them to vote by mail must request the ballot in writing. The request can be mailed to Obion County Election Commission, P.O. Box 52, Union City, TN 38281. Faxed requests may be sent to 885-6280.

Anyone who is 65 years old or older, who has a disability or is handicapped, who is a college student, who is a caregiver for someone who is sick or elderly, who is out of the county because of military service or who will be out of the county on the date of the election and during early voting may vote by mail. College students must provide proof of enrollment.

The request must include the voter’s signature, his Social Security number and date of birth and the address of his Obion County residence, plus the date and name of the election, in the upcoming instance the Nov. 4 general election.

The address to which the ballot should be mailed and an explanation of the reason for voting by mail should also be included with the request.

The request may serve as an application if the voter includes the required information. The last day a written request for an absentee ballot application may be received in the election office is Oct. 28. Voters must have registered in person or voted at least once in person after registering on a by-mail registration application.

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