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Applebee’s raises over $1.2M for foundation

Applebee’s raises over $1.2M for foundation

Posted: Monday, August 25, 2008 12:29 pm

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Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation have announced that they are $1.2 million closer to finding a cure for pediatric cancer.
The campaign — led by The Rose Group, a franchisee of Applebee’s restaurants and its partner franchisees Apple American, Apple Two and Bloomin’ Apple — have rallied support from communities near and far to raise much needed money in memory of Alex Scott, who dedicated her short life to battling cancer, one cup of lemonade at time.
The story began in 2005 when Liz and Jay Scott, Alex’s parents, reached out to executives at The Rose Group in an effort to gain support from local businesses for the new foundation dedicated to their daughter. Armed with 67 restaurants in southeast Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, Delaware, Baltimore, Wilkes Barre/Scranton and the Lehigh Valley, the two organizations worked hand-in-hand over four weeks and raised $166,000 dollars by selling cups of lemonade and paper lemons at their restaurant locations.
Over the next three summers, the coalition extended to more than 100 restaurants and expanded to include a wide variety of events ranging from golf outings, in-restaurant lemonade stands and contests, to bake sales, fairs and car washes.
As the program grew, so did the dollar amount raised. By 2006, the program reached $276,000 and, in 2007, that figure grew to over $355,000. That set the stage for this year’s $1.2 million milestone.
“From the very beginning, we were dedicated to raising as much as possible in support of this important cause,” said Harry T. Rose, chairman and CEO of The Rose Group. “But when we saw how our restaurant neighborhoods rallied behind us year after year in our efforts, we knew we were on the verge of something big. And each year, we raised the bar higher and before long, the dream of reaching one million dollars became a reality.”
For Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, this reality is very close to home. Alex Scott was only four years old when she opened her first lemonade stand on her front lawn in July of 2000. Her idea was simple: sell cups of lemonade to help her doctors find a cure for kids with cancer. What ensued, despite her deteriorating health, was a personal mission to raise $1 million.
With the help of corporate sponsors and thousands of individual lemonade stands nationwide, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation has funded over 80 research projects at 40 institutions across the country, many in Applebee’s restaurant communities.

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