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Fair’s Junior Market Livestock Auction raises more than $140,000 for youngsters

Fair’s Junior Market Livestock Auction raises more than $140,000 for youngsters

Posted: Wednesday, August 13, 2008 7:15 pm

It’s getting harder and harder for Tim Smith to come up with words to describe the success of the annual Obion County Junior Market Livestock Auction at the Obion County Fair. “What can you say about it that hasn’t already been said?” he asked. “We had another record-breaking year, raising more than $140,000 for a lot of hard-working Obion County youngsters.” While crediting the children’s hard work, he was also quick to praise the businesses and individuals who buy the lambs, steers and hogs each year. “Without all the people and businesses who support this annual event during the auction, we couldn’t do this,” said Smith, who serves as University of Tennessee Extension Service director for the Obion County office. “We know these aren’t the best economic times, but these people continue to support the youth of our county and we’re very appreciative.” For the sixth year in a row, Eric and Camielle Fishel of Union City and their girls, Cameryn and Hailey, were all smiles as they took home the top two prizes in the lamb show. Hailey showed the 116.4-pound Grand Champion lamb, which brought $15 per pound or $1,746. The buyers were Crabtree Farms, Commercial Bank, Union City Grain, Union City Insurance and Obion Far-mers Co-op. Cameryn showed the 120.28-pound Reserve Grand champion lamb, which sold for $10 per pound or $1,202.80 to Tyson Foods. The hog auction was highlighted by the sale of Ben Moore’s 252.2-pound Grand Champion, which sold for $6 per pound or $1,513.20 to Agri-Equipment Co. Moore is the son of Roger and Judy Moore of Obion. Brittany Parker, daughter of Jack Parker and Susan Parker of Union City, showed the 244.44-pound Reserve Grand Champion hog, which brought $4 per pound or $977.76. It was purchased by Union City Coca-Cola. Jodianna Jacobs, daughter of Richard and Michelle Jacobs of Rives, showed the 1,193.1-pound Grand Champion steer, which sold for $3.70 per pound or $4,414.47 to McCloud Electric, Republic Services and Barker Brothers. The Reserve Grand Champion steer was shown by Samantha Davis, daughter of Doug and Jennifer Davis of Kenton. The 1,139.75-pound animal sold for $3.35 per pound or $3,818.16 to Cole & Short Crop Insurance. “Overall, it was another amazing night,” Smith said. “These kids work really hard and see that work rewarded by the business people of this area. “We’re blessed to have such a supportive group of businesses and individuals for our young people.” Published in The Messenger 8.13.08


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