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Mrs. Barker, Sanderson win races, prepare to face off in November

Mrs. Barker, Sanderson win races, prepare to face off in November

Posted: Saturday, August 9, 2008 6:55 pm

Mrs. Barker, Sanderson win races, prepare to face off in November | Judy Barker, Bill Sanderson

Judy Barker, Bill Parks, Terry Dwyer
The race in November for the Tennessee House of Representatives 77th District seat will be between Judy Barker of Union City and Bill Sanderson of Kenton. Mrs. Barker carried Obion County with 2,403 votes to Larry Bennett’s 666, Jerry Grady’s 489 and Ross Dubrule’s 11. She also carried Lake County with 519 votes to Bennett’s 440. Grady got 85 votes, while Dubrule received 10. Dubrule is from Lake County. In Dyer County, Bennett carried with 1,413 to Mrs. Barker’s 463, Grady’s 24 and Dubrule’s six. “It was a very competitive race and a hard and clean campaign,” Mrs. Barker said. “It was just basic down-to-earth work — canvassing, handshaking, meeting the public, doing everything you could every day to get your message out and meet as many people as you could. “We thank everyone for their support and help. The race was won through the hard work of my volunteers in Obion, Dyer and Lake counties. We will be forever grateful.” Her husband, Wayne, said campaigning is “24-7.” “You can’t appreciate what these candidates go through until you’ve been in a race yourself,” he said. “It takes a lot of time away from personal life to devote to the cause.” Her son, Parks, a student at Rhodes College at Memphis, said the family is proud of her. “She worked really hard,” he said. “She can make a difference. She’ll represent the people well.” On the Republican side, Sanderson carried Obion County with 660 votes to Shelly Arnett’s 203. In Dyer County, he received 416 votes to Mrs. Arnett’s 231 votes. Mrs. Arnett carried Lake County with 84 to Sanderson’s 75. “The results prove what I’ve been saying all along: the people of Dyer, Lake and Obion counties are ready for a change,” said Sanderson, a Kenton businessman of many years. “Our focus is now on November. I look forward to a spirited campaign this fall, and to bringing conservative leadership to West Tennessee. I thank everyone who supported me during this campaign. When I get to Nashville, I will represent Republicans, Democrats and Independents.” Gary Davis took the most votes in Obion County in the Democratic Primary race for United States Senate with 496. Mark Clayton received 449 votes, Kenneth Eaton 144, Robert D. Tuke 241, William Mike Padgett 176 and Leonard D. Ladner 51. Tuke, a former state Democratic Party chairman, won state-wide. With 99 percent of precincts reporting, he had 58,972 votes, or 32 percent. His closest opponent was Davis of Nashville, a political unknown who neither spent or raised any money during the campaign. On the Republican side, Lamar Alexander, who was unopposed, received 718 votes locally. John Tanner received 2,995 votes in Obion County in his bid for re-election to the United States House of Representatives 8th Congressional District seat. Roy B. Herron received 2,489 votes in Obion County in his quest to retain his Tennessee Senate, 24th Senatorial District seat. There were no Republicans running in either race. Preliminary results in the Obion County general election races include: • Obion County property assessor — Kathy P. Robertson, 3,341. • Obion County School Board, District 1: David W. Lamb, 251; Pam Dame, 213; and Paul Maxwell 133. • Obion County School Board, District 3: Diane Sanderson, 420. • Obion County School Board, District 5: Brian Rainey, 373; Greg Ferguson, 222; and Jerry Lamastus, 111. • Obion County School Board, District 7: Susan Williams, 493. • Kenton Special School District, Gibson County member — Charles Phillips, 95. • Kenton Special School District, Kenton member — Mike Farrar, 156. • Kenton Special School District, Obion County member — Bill Sanderson, 152. • Obion County constable, District 1 — Bobby Hall, 359; and John T. McMahan, 148. • Obion County constable, District 2 — Gerald Cox, 388. • Obion County constable, District 3 (vote for two) — Bruce Davidson, 222; John E. Davis, 196; and Jimmy A. Stockdale, 177. • Obion County constable, District 4 — Robert Faulkner, 264. • Obion County constable, District 5 — Jimmy Brown, 74. • Obion County constable, District 6 — Aaron Tittle, 346; and Gordon May, 122. • Obion County constable, District 7 — Eugene Fletcher, 449. • Samburg, mayor — Larry Gene Davis, 52. • Samburg aldermen (vote for three) — Woody Cook and John VanCleave, 48 each; Sandra Neely, 42; and Gene Gast, 37. All judges on the ballot were voted to be retained by Obion County voters: Supreme Court judges William C. Koch Jr., 2,011 yes to 714 no and Gary R. Wade, 2,033 yes to 688 no; Court of Appeals judges Andy D. Bennett, 1,992 yes to 612 no, Richard H. Dinkins 1,187 yes to 686 no and Steve Stafford 2,009 yes to 615 no; and Criminal Appeals Court judges D. Kelly Thomas Jr. 1,950 yes to 617 no and Camille R. McMullen 1,939 yes to 630 no. All totals are preliminary until certified by their respective election boards. For a complete listing by precinct of the Obion County Election results, visit the election office Web site at Published in The Messenger 8.8.08


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