Rumor has it Kitty League could expand in 2009

Rumor has it Kitty League could expand in 2009
The Kitty League may be adding two new dots to its travel map next season.
League president Randy Morgan confirmed to The Messenger Wednesday evening that Olney, Ill., and Sikeston, Mo., are very likely to join the Kitty League next season.
But despite reports to the contrary, the induction of the two communities to the Kitty League fraternity is not certain at this time.
“It is not set in stone right now, but it is somewhere between fact and rumor,” Morgan said. “We will find out in a month or so if the teams will indeed join the league.”
Olney is a town with a population of 8,631, according to the 2000 census.
The city’s proposed new ball park would be shared by its Kitty League team and local community college squad.
Meanwhile, Sikeston would rejoin the league after a one-year hiatus.
Rumors have run rampant at Kitty League games this season that the Bulls would be back in the fold next year and it appears that may be the case.
“There is a very good likelihood that Sikeston will rejoin the league,” Morgan confirmed. “They were a temporary dropout as the owner of the team (Will Jones) lived in West Tennessee and later Mississippi and he did not want to travel that far.
“It appears now that a former Army man (John Crockett) is going to get involved with the ownership and that the team will be back next year.”
The addition of two new teams might help the league tweak its playoff system. Currently, all six teams advance to the postseason with the first and second place squads getting a bye through the opening round.
That meant that the Farmington Firebirds, who won just eight games this season, made it into the postseason.
With two more teams, the prospect of splitting the league into two four-team divisions has been thrown around.
“In the end, the owners of the league would have to meet and make that change ultimately,” Morgan conceded. “I am sure there would be numerous scenarios offered out there as to what to do for the postseason and whatever gets the most votes would be the one we go with.”
Regardless, Morgan is confident his league will succeed.
He said attendance was up “across the league,” despite a lowly Farmington team that did not draw well at all, by his own admission.
“We’re OK the size we are now, but if we can get two more teams that would be great, too,” Morgan said. “I’ve had 12 or so communities call me about starting a team, but until I see them put that project in motion, I am content with what we have.”
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