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ETSU’s summer camps recruit and raise money

ETSU’s summer camps recruit and raise money

Posted: Wednesday, July 30, 2008 11:33 am
By: The Associated Press

The Messenger 07.30.08

JOHNSON CITY (AP) — When classes end for the summer at East Tennessee State University, it’s just the beginning.
Over the past two decades, summers have become a time for numerous conferences and camps that serve both as outreach to potential students and as a funding source for the school.
“From early May until probably the first, second week of August we have groups on campus and we are booked pretty much week after week,” said Jackie Mullins, ETSU’s director of conference and camp services.
“We have academic camps. We have the Governor’s School, our Upward Bound programs. We have a number of athletic camps with soccer and basketball — men’s and women’s,” Mullins said. “So we have a good mix. We had the aerial dance camp this summer for the first time.” (That’s a dance class that includes an apparatus that can lift dancers into the air.)
This summer’s 40-or-so camps and conferences are projected to bring in about $450,000 for the school. About 6,000 people are expected to attend, and the university uses the programs to promote itself to high school students.
“From the band camps that we host, and talking with the band directors, they tell us that this was some of their kids’ first experience with ETSU and this was why they came here,” Mullins said.
One summer program run by ETSU’s Department of Art and Design offers courses in topics like watercolor and digital photography.
“What this is aimed for is to reach out to our community, to our high school students from all across the area,” the department’s Lisa Jones said.
One of those students is Will Bledsoe, who took a course on using Photoshop and iMovie this summer. He said art professor Wayne Dyer encouraged him to pursue his dreams and he’s considering attending the school.
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