Deed transfers, June 20-July 1, 2008

Deed transfers, June 20-July 1, 2008

Posted: Wednesday, July 2, 2008 11:18 am

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The following deed transfers were filed June 20-July 1 in the office of Obion County Register of Deeds Vicky Long.
The transfers listed exclude deeds of trust (mortgages on real estate) and any miscellaneous instruments recorded in the register’s office. The list is published in its entirety, without exception, from record books in the register’s office.
Amounts are not shown for true quitclaim deeds, or deeds in which a husband and wife divide property. Deeds conveying property to a state, the federal government or a city are exempt from the state transfer tax.
• Mildred Jewell Thomas Griffin King to Jacqueline A. Brown, Dist. 13, $61,000.
• Aaron Squyres, successor trustee, to LaSalle Bank National Association, trustee, $82,773.24.
• Robert Rains and Patsy Rains to Ronnie G. Smith and Amanda S. Smith, $33,000.
• Pate Properties East to Mickey J. Smith and Pamela B. Smith, trustees, Dist. 13, $24,000.
• James A. Wallace to Beverly June Wallace, Dist. 5, quitclaim deed.
• Burney Gourley and Shirley Gourley to Christopher Carson and Sheena Carson, Dist. 7, quitclaim deed.
• Bank of New York Trust Co., N.A., to Homestead 2000 Inc., Dist. 4, $45,000.
• Obion County Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Brian K. Hale and Darla L. Hale, Dist. 15, $2,000.
• Lavinia June Elliott, also known as Lavinia J. Elliott, to Carl G. Elliott, Calvin H. Elliott, Cathy E. Webb, Carolyn E. Finney, Charles D. Elliott, Camela E. Meriweather, Cloys A. Elliott, Cheryl E. Gatewood, Lavinia J. Lamb and Claudia M. Lamb, quitclaim deed.
• James E. McClain Jr. to Kenneth McClain, Dist. 9, $12,000.
• Darlene Deanne Smith, executor, to Richard Davis and Mary Louise Davis, Dist. 5, $250,000.
• James F. Posey and Shirley Jene Posey to John Bruno, $112,235.29.
• Barbara Pruitt Arnett, Patrick J. Arnett, Tammy A. Harris and Rebecca Arnett Gookin to Rebecca Arnett Gookin and Justin Arnett Russell, Dist. 13, $16,467.
• Shapiro & Kirsch, LLP, substitute trustee, to Federal National Mortgage Association.
• Connie Wiggins and Roger Hastings to James R. Jackson Jr. and Melissa Jackson, Dist. 16, $68,000.
• Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to David Lansaw and Heather Lansaw, $191,900.
• Margaret Eudora Henry and William Harold Davis to Brian R. Cole and Dana M. Cole, Dist. 13, $60,000.
• Abraham Griffin to Jack Doughten and Karen Doughten, Dist. 6, $60,000.
• Graham Acres, LLC, to Robert E. and Jenny D. Kirkland Foundation, deed of correction.
• Dennis G. Callison to Kathleen J. Callison, Dist. 2, quitclaim deed.
• Larry Banks to Willis M. Edwards and Teresa Lockridge, Dist. 13, $25,000.
• Jason W. Hicks and Jeanne Beth Hicks to Robert G. Latta, Dist. 13, $144,000.
• Terry Robert Smith to Lee Ann Sills, Dist. 2, $5,000.
• Bertha L. Paez to Jesse R. Peters Jr. and Annette Peters, Dist. 1, $3,500.
• Poly-M Contractors Inc. to William J. McLaughlin and Kathryn S. McLaughlin, Dist. 13, $250,000.
• Harold E. Stover and Velma Lee Stover to Stephen A. Carr and Amanda R. Carr, Dist. 6, $30,000.
• Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Franklin D. McClure, $37,500.
• Bill Hayes to William G. Tyson, Dist. 1, $184,000.

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