ODE to spring

ODE to spring

By: By Russell Cherry

It’s not raining rain to me — it’s raining dandelions.
And every time I mow them down
they stand back up in lines.
I know that this is not the windy month that blows the leaves around
— but seems like every puff of air blows seed upon the ground.
Ode to the dandelions for they forever stand
— I blew them with a child’s breath once
— but now I am a man.

By yours truly, Russell Cherry

Spring has sure arrived and with the seemingly endless days of rain that have beset us I yearn in my heart for a respite — yea a brief if not prolonged span of dry, warm, sunny weather. As you can tell I am not a winter person.
My sweet wife, Gladys, has solicited my help in the flowerbeds and the planting of rose bushes to replace those that did not survive the winter. Not so, with the dandelions for they came through the cold weather unscathed.
I must admit that spring is my favorite time of year. Not only do the dandelions flourish but the “Honey DOs” also. For you men-folk who get my meaning, I’ve always thought if one would but look up the definition of the term in Webster’s, they very likely might find my picture.
The Iris festival is this month and many lovely flowers decorate the Dresden town square around the Courthouse. The fresh air and sunshine seem to have a positive effect on people, especially those who work in offices and can look out of the windows and appreciate God’s Master Painting that is going on. Down in Mexico City where friends of mine live, many of those folks call this time of year “Verde,” being translated means “green.”
I am not an old Scrooge but as I am rapidly nearing the age of 65 I must confess that I do not enjoy pushing a gasoline powered lawn mower around over the yard like I did as a boy. Suffice to say, “Spring has sprung,” so let’s all get out there and enjoy it.

In His service,
Brother Russell wcp 5-22-08


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