Dresden Duplicate Club News

Dresden Duplicate Club News

By: toni Pritchett

Dresden Duplicate Bridge Club met April 30, and in my haste to do other things, I failed to report about our game that day. We had six tables and 24 persons to play bridge and we had lots of fun that day. We had two of our loyal players who we are changing their names to Thelma and Louise because of a happening on Interstate 40 coming home from North Carolina and Nashville!
I really enjoyed Lisa Smartt’s column in the paper last week. She wrote about excuses for bad behavior or I say excuses, yes, but actually you can tell the truth. I was very busy the last two weeks with so much going on — a bridge luncheon for retirees, preparing food for Corner Cafe and Iris Tasting Party, getting the homestead ready for eight guests to come for the weekend and then preparing for a trip to Nashville and on to Knoxville.
I went Knoxville to attend my grandson Chase Crawford’s graduation from University of Tennessee. Chase’s grandfather, Bill Pritchett graduated from UT in 1947. Chase’s graduation was at 9 a.m., May 9, with 975 graduates and about six or seven thousand friends and families. It was held at the Boling Arena where basketball games are played. It is fair to say that Knoxville has grown in the last 53 years!
Yes, there were all those exigencies, which I blamed on for being tardy. But I probably could have taken a couple of hours to do my column, to tell the truth.
Anyway, the food was good that week with fresh vegetables from the garden, spinach dip, coconut and banana nut bread and spiced tea. Winners were Freddye Oliver, Toni Pritchett, first over all; Carolyn Rogers, Carol Ehlers, second; Joni Martin, Ruthie Jenkins third; and Sharon Fields, Sue Thompson, fourth.
May 7, in my absence (gone to Knoxville), Ruthie Jenkins from Paris and Alma Ford conducted and led the bridge game for me, with five tables in play. They reported to me they had excellent refreshments and a lemon and orange slice cake and punch with a spicy touch. Coming in first place for north/south were Jackie Hohman and Carol Ehlers; Jo Glasgow and Peggy Mayo won second place. East and West winners were Joni Martin and Ruthie Jenkins, first place; Naomi Fuller of Fulton, Ky., and Dot Beach of Union City, second place; and Tom Mayo and Ralph Rogers, third place. (Ralph can come and play with us now that the flu season is over)

I still encourage anyone to come join us any Wednesday afternoon. Get a group of four ladies and you can have a foursome all afternoon. I will relay the duplicate boards to your table, and you don’t have to compete with the other players, but still play the same hands and just see how your results compare with the others. It would be a whole lot of fun.
Bridge is more than a pastime. It’s a passion. Players return to the table time and time again for the mental challenge, the competition and the company of others who share their love of the world’s greatest card game.wcp 5-15-08


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