Property assessor says ‘bear with me’

Property assessor says ‘bear with me’
A county office has experienced a surge of phone calls and visitors as residents question their property assessments recently issued from the Weakley County Property Assessor.
In light of the recent property assessment re-evaluations, property assessor David Tuck has asked property owners across the county to “give me a chance.”
“Bear with me. Hopefully the certified tax rate will take care of this,” Tuck said. Last week, Tuck and members of the Weakley County Property Assessor’s office had set up shop at the Harmon and Lucille McWherter Civic Center in Dresden answering phone calls and questions concerning increases in real property values across the county. During the last six years, property values have increased, on average, 15 to 18 percent.
Tuck attributes the property value increases to demand in the supply and demand economic market.
“While we have seen some slowdowns in home sales recently, we have not seen much of a decrease in home values,” Tuck said.
The certified tax rate that Tuck is referring to is set by the Weakley County Board of County Commissioners. During the last reappraisal cycle in 2002, county commissioners opted to reduce the certified tax rate from $2.44 to $2.11.
With the hike in property tax rates last year by the board, Tuck said there is a possibility of the current rate dropping once again. The property tax rate is $2.44.
With more than 20,000 parcels re-evaluated during the last reassessment cycle, Tuck said he is busy with field-checks of properties from owners who had questioned the changed values. He said he hopes to finish with field checks later in the week.
Property owners who want to dispute their reappraisals will go before the Weakley County Board of Equalization. Tuck said they have until the first Monday in June to file an appeal.
“We use comparable sales to determine property values. We look at every sale and we either qualify or disqualify the sale,” Tuck explained. He described how property values are established based on the amount of the sale of the priority.
Auction sales, family transactions and multi-parcel sales are often considered disqualifying sales.
While cities across the county assess the upcoming fiscal year budget, one municipality has already taken action to increase its property tax rates to help balance its 2008-09 fiscal year budget.
The City of Dresden has suggested an increase of 25 cents from $1.19 to $1.43 for property tax purposes. There is a public hearing scheduled for the proposed ordinance Monday, June 2.
Other cities have not mentioned increasing their property tax rates. Sharon residents currently pay the highest property tax rates in Weakley County at $1.87 in addition to the $2.44 rate set by the county.
Tuck said anyone with any questions regarding a property reassessment, can call his office at 364-3677.
The next cycle for Weakley County’s property reappraisal is in five years.
WCP 5.20.08

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