Mother and daughter share uncommon bond

Mother and daughter share uncommon bond
Mother and daughter share uncommon bond

Morgan Beth Wade and mother Sharon Maloan
When the idea of entering a pageant was brought up to Sharon Maloan by her mother, initially Maloan wrinkled up her nose at the suggestion.
Her mother kept insisting however, and Maloan finally gave in. She entered the Miss Martin pageant as a high school senior and took home much more than just a crown in 1980.
Maloan said she took home poise and self-confidence that made her abandon her former ideas of pageants being vain and pretentious.
Now, Maloan’s youngest daughter, Morgan, owns a Miss Martin crown of her own, freshly won this past Easter weekend and like her mother, she knows and understands that the pageant is about much more than beauty.
Maloan says as Mother’s Day approaches this weekend, she couldn’t help but reflect up her path as a mother and the bond she feels with her daughter who is wearing the crown that Maloan wore 28 years ago.
She adds that she keeps things in perspective though, and that she is proud of all of her children and her role as a mother.
“True beauty comes from within, but it is love that helps that inner beauty to bloom and be all that it can be,” Maloan said citing that of everything she’s ever done, being a mother come first. “I hope that my love for my daughters has touched them in a way that allows them to be all that they can be.
“One mother’s love touches another, just as my mother’s love has touched me,” she added.
Maloan’s story began when she moved to Martin as a child and her journey led to her greatest and most important role and that is being a mother.
“I was born in California. My dad was in the Air Force and we moved to Martin when I was six years old, so I feel pretty much like a native,” Maloan related.
“I really did not get into the pageants, but my mom begged me to enter Miss Martin as a senior in high school and I was in one in the first grade.”
Maloan did her own hair and make-up and practiced her interview questions over and over again with some help and counseling from friends who worked with her at Dr. Tom Gallien’s dental office,
“I had a friend in the pageant who was a dental hygienist for Dr. Gallien and she helped find a dress for me.” Maloan admitted,
“I decided if I was going to do it, I was going to do it well.”
“The people who were around me saw more in me than I saw in myself. I thought pageants were pretentious, but they are good confidence builders. I had very supportive friends,” Maloan said.
It was this confidence that was passed on to Morgan, but unlike her mother, Morgan needed no coaxing to enter the pageant; she just did it.
“Morgan enters pageants off and on, but she has her priorities straight. She’ll put off a pageant for softball,” Maloan said.
“It’s really fun for her. She truly enjoys it. She won and now she’ll move on to the Strawberry Festival pageant. She has a good perspective. She works at the store (Sugar and Spice) with me and it’s good training ground. It’s a way to interact with companies and businesses and she’s very good at it. She’s a very good assistant. It’s sometimes hard work, but she’s a very good kid and she’s well rounded.
When Maloan was in the Miss Martin pageant, the Rotary Club sponsored it and now sponsorship has switched to the Pilot Club. Maloan says both organizations do so much for the city and credited the philanthropic organizations for their efforts in the community.
But above anything else, Maloan credits her family for the joy in her life and says her most important job is being a mother.
“I feel very blessed to have a mother, Margaret Forsythe, that loves me no matter what and for the opportunity to have daughters of my own to love,” Maloan said citing that she and her husband, Chancery Court Judge Mike Maloan have been fortunate.
“Mike and I have been blessed with four wonderful daughters, Jennifer Stroh, Jenna Scott, Jessica Maloan and Morgan Beth Wade as well as our granddaughter, Kate Stroh.”
Overall, Maloan considers the entire experience to have been an honor for her and her daughter and one that has been more than a lesson in beauty.
It was a lesson in confidence — a life lesson passed, like a crown, from mother to daughter.
Maloan says she relies on the passage from 1 John 4:18, “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear; because fear hath torment.”
“It is wonderful to be able to share experiences with your children like the one I shared with Morgan who was crowned Miss Martin 2008.
Maloan stressed the importance of the bond she shares with her daughter.
WCP 5.08.08

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