NFU on Presidential Request for Food Aid

NFU on Presidential Request for Food Aid

WASHINGTON (May 2, 2008) – National Farmers Union President Tom Buis made the following statement today in response to a request by President Bush for $770 million in food aid. The aid would help alleviate the effects of increased food prices around the world.

“It is good to see the president take the necessary steps to ensure that no one goes without food. As a farmer and a national farm leader, I find it appalling that anyone goes to bed hungry. America’s farmers, and farmers around the world, have the capacity to produce the food we need. In fact, most years we produce surpluses.

“Food prices are going up, especially for our nation and world’s poorest citizens, as the result of skyrocketing energy costs. There is no doubt this is an emergency.

“There are geographical, political and distribution problems that make it challenging to deliver food to many. I applaud the president and Congress for being willing to step in and help.

“Also, it is important for Congress to pass and the president to sign the new farm bill. The bill includes $400 billion over 10 years that will help our nation’s less fortunate through food assistance and nutrition programs.”
Posted 5.6.08

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