Gloria Gaynor Celebrates 30 years of I Will Survive at the Apollo Theater

Gloria Gaynor Celebrates 30 years of I Will Survive at the Apollo Theater

New York, NY – Legends Gloria Gaynor and Showtime at the Apollo Theater collided in celebration of the 30th anniversary of “I Will Survive”. Ray Chew and the Crew performed to honor the mythic anthem and songstress. The program will air on May 10th, check your local listings.

“I Will Survive” debuted in 1978 as Gloria Gaynor’s tale of personal strength and was soon to become the greatest disco anthem of all time. Little did Gloria know, the song would grow into banner for social survival which is still relevant after three decades of international airplay.

Gloria Gaynor was recognized at the Susan G. Comen Race for the Cure on May 4, 2008 where she performed “I Will Survive” and was honored by the Councilman and Freeholder Donald Payne Jr. for her charitable works. After Gaynor’s own spiritual revival, she avidly became active in the following charities:

Susan G. Comen North Jersey Affiliate, United Cerebral Palsy Hudson County Board of Directors, financially supports Save the Children, Hellenic Times Foundation and Christian Broadcasting Network, sponsors three children through the Christian Children’s Fund, Chairholder for New Jersey Crime Victims’ Law Center , Supports Denise Rich’s Angel Ball (Foundation for Melanoma research), and Chairholder for New York Diabetes Coalition 2008.

“I Will Survive” should remind us to be proactive in this world. In trying times people are always looking for answers and direction of what to do and where to go next. So is it really so hard to believe that “I Will Survive” has more relevance now than it did in 1978? Through this song we can relate to a woman who has faced the same struggles and summoned the strength to rise above and survive. When you are knocked down you get back up, shrug of the hit and survive. Gloria Gaynor’s anthem is encouraging for the time of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Do not be afraid of the future, remember instead “I Will Survive.”

Catch the premier of Showtime at the Apollo on May 10th. Check your local listings for details.
Posted 5.6.08

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