Popular writer Lisa Smartt to sign copies of her book

Popular writer Lisa Smartt to sign copies of her book
Popular writer Lisa Smartt to sign copies of her book | Lisa Smartt

Lisa Smartt
It’s just the Smartt thing to do — stopping by Vicki’s Designer Touch on Saturday, May 10, from 12-2 p.m. for Lisa Smartt’s book signing.
Union City Messenger and Weakley County Press free-lance columnist Lisa Smartt will be selling and autographing copies of her book, “The Smartt View: Life, Love, and Cluttered Closets,” for fans who look forward to her column each week.
For those who can’t make the book signing, Mrs. Smartt’s book is on sale by mail at Lisa Smartt, 300 Parrott Road, Dresden, TN 38225 for $12 ($10, plus $2 for shipping).
Perhaps you turn to Mrs. Smartt’s column first when you pick up your paper, or maybe you save it for “dessert” in your reading feast.
Either way, you will be delighted with the paperback “column catch-up” edition. Even if you are a faithful reader, you’ve probably missed an occasional laugh or tear.
Or maybe, like me, you would just enjoy re-reading some old favorites.
Mine are on page 55, where “Smartt” people take a look at weddings — and where the real investment of time and energy should be.
Or on page 91, where garage sales become fodder for the laughter mill. I turn to page 126 to remind myself how good life is here in this little corner of God’s world — and I thank a talented writer and true “people person” for reminding me.
But, in my opinion, the “Smartt”est piece in the whole book begins on page 159. It’s near the close of the book and that’s good, because my eyes are always filmed with tears that blur the remaining words when I finish it.
I regret that Lisa Smartt is not my best friend — we simply haven’t had enough chances to build such a relationship — but given the opportunity, I know we could be “best buds.”
Lisa is the kind of person who makes you entertain such possibilities.
And that comes through loud and clear in her writing.
Someone you know may need that feeling, so pick up a copy to enjoy yourself and grab one for a special gift.
There’s enough Smartt stuff to go around.
Glenda Caudle, The Messenger’s Special Features editor, may be contacted by email at glendacaudle@ucmessenger.com.
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