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Tuesday Taste Tempter 3.11.08

Tuesday Taste Tempter 3.11.08

The Messenger, each Tuesday, will feature a recipe on the Community Lifestyles page.
Recipes will include those submitted to The Messenger by manufacturing companies, publicists and local readers.
In order for a local reader to have a recipe considered for publication, the recipe must be typed. No handwritten recipes will be accepted. No exceptions. Measurements such as tablespoon and teaspoon should be spelled out. No abbreviations, please. Submissions must also include the cook’s name, address and day-time telephone number.
Recipes may be submitted by mail to Donna Ryder, Associate Editor, Tuesday’s Taste Tempters, P.O. Box 430, Union City TN 38281 or by e-mail at
These ice cream recipes — tasty, quick and green — are a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Use them to surprise your children or to impress your guests with a festive treat that’s ready in no time. And here are a few fun facts you can share while you are enjoying the frosty desserts:
• The green color, a big part of the St. Patrick’s Day celebration, was introduced in the United States, not Ireland. Irish folklore actually holds that green is the favorite color of the Good People (the faeries), who often took away children wearing green.
• Cheerful leprechauns are an American invention. Leprechauns had nothing to do with the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day until 1959 when Walt Disney released the movie “Darby O’Gill & the Little People.” The movie introduced America to the friendly leprechaun that quickly became a symbol of both St. Patrick’s Day and Ireland.
• The shamrock was a sacred plant in ancient Ireland because it symbolized the rebirth of spring. However, as the English began to seize Irish land and make laws against the use of the Irish language, many Irish began to wear the shamrock as a symbol of their heritage.
Chocolate Mint Parfait
2 cups chocolate pudding
4 scoops Blue Bunny® Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
8 OREO® Cookies, crushed

Make pudding, following instructions on box. Once cooled, alternate layers of the pudding, Blue Bunny Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream and the crushed OREO® Cookies in a parfait glass. Serve immediately. Serves 4.

Mint Chip Clover Cakes

1 chocolate sheet cake (9-inch by 13-inch)
2 cups Blue Bunny® Premium Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Bake or buy an 9-inch x 13-inch chocolate sheet cake. Be sure cake is no more than 1/2-inch in height. Using a clover-shaped cookie cutter, stamp eight clover shapes out of the chocolate sheet cake. Set cakes aside.
Place clover cookie cutter on parchment paper or saran wrap and fill with Blue Bunny Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream; freeze. Remove the ice cream from the cookie cutter and return to the freezer, then repeat the process of filling the cutter and freezing three more times until you have four total ice cream clovers. Assemble the cakes by sandwiching the ice cream clovers between two clover cakes. Serves 4.
Published in The Messenger 3.11.08


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