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Dresden Duplicate Bridge Club news

Dresden Duplicate Bridge Club news

By: By Toni Pritchett

Dresden Duplicate Bridge Club had a bridge game on Feb. 13 in the middle of an ice storm and snow flurries. Coming in first in their section (we had six tables, so had a Mitchell movement) were Alma Ford and Linda Jennings.
I want to take the time to tell you of something that appeared in the Dresden Enterprise back on Sept. 16, 1927.The headline read, “Club women are told of harm of card playing.”
It seems a Miss Daisy Daves of Atlanta, Ga., was holding a revival meeting at the Methodist Church for a full week. On Sunday afternoon, a special message was given to the men. The large auditorium was well filled. Many of the surrounding towns were represented.
Now get this, Tuesday afternoon, at the school auditorium, Miss Daves talked to members of women’s clubs from around the county. She said she did not think it a great sin to play a game of cards, that doing so would not damn a person’s soul but the time spent by so many good women at the card table could be profitably occupied, and that unless our time is spent in some worthwhile endeavor, then God will hold us accountable for a waste of the time he has given us!
Meanwhile back to our game, in spite of weather conditions we had six tables (too cold to do anything outside), and we were warm and cozy at the American Legion Building.
We had for our pleasure jalapeno cheese dip, a beautiful cheese mixture in shape of a heart (Linda is so artistic), a box of assorted chocolates, a shrimp ball, nuts and cheese straws and cream cheese with roasted raspberry chipotle sauce, and the high light of the afternoon was a three-layered Hummingbird Cake made by Alma Ford. A recipe for the cake is in The Iris Cookbook.
Winners were Alma and Linda, Joni Martin, Ruthie Jenkins, Dr. Bob Sanner and William Atchison. Other winners were Sue Thompson, Toni Pritchett, Roberta Meyer and Carolyn Rogers.
I think I need to report to the reading audience an answer to Miss Daisy’s article. So since we continue to play cards, we must also continue to “double up” on our “good deeds” and “time well spent” away from the table to avoid being DAMNED!
Whose deal is it?
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