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Feelings – Nothing more han feelings

Feelings – Nothing more han feelings

By: By Bro. Russell Cherry

For by wise council thou shall wage your own war: and in multitude of advisors there is safety. PROVERBS 24 : 6

The common meaning of war is a “state of hostility between nations, states, provinces or two or more parties.
My motives for writing tonight, I fervently pray will not be misunderstood, and I agonized over exposing my deep feelings about such an emotional topic long and hard. It is not my purpose to stir up strife or be judgmental on any individual or group of individuals regardless of their own personal views on the subject. Neither is my motive to preach a sermon for every person is answerable to their own frame-of-mind to themselves and not to me. God is my witness.
Super Tuesday has come and gone and there is no clear winner in either race — Democrat or Republican. The nominees have yet to be chosen and the conventions are yet to come. The lines have been drawn and the planks put into the platforms of the two parties and the war of words will continue until another American President is elected to office. It is sad that so many nice people have so many not-so-nice things to say about people they hardly even know. Not too many elephants and donkeys golf together I am sure. They probably cannot afford it after spending millions on elections.
If I live I will be 65 years “of” age in November, and I remember elections that took place a long time before I was old enough to vote. Please let me share with you a few thoughts that I remember. First of all I remember when Harry Truman was elected president after a newspaper declared him the loser. I remember when Dwight David Eisenhower, a World War II general, promised to bring the boys home from Korea if he made it to the White House. Our people are still in Korea more than half a century later.
I remember President John Kennedy. I was in Army Basic Training in 1962 when he was alive. Many of our troops married Vietnamese women and brought them home. Some of our people in Vietnam, like in Korea married women there (even in the North) and are still living there with them today.
Albert Einstein once said and I quote, “When it comes to the affairs of the heart, I cannot say that falling in love has anything to do with gravity,” unquote.
I do not remember much about World war II, for I was too young, but I have been to Germany while in uniform and I want you to know that a lot of German girls married American boys. America has a lot of its people stationed over there. I do not expect they will all be coming home any time soon.
Then there is Iraq and the Afghanistan; I suspect there will be an American presence there long after I
have fallen asleep for the last time. It does not matter who is elected president of the United States. I do not expect an influx of brides married to American soldiers from Asia any time soon because of religious and cultural differences.
Valentine’s Day will be here the 14th of this month and it when it comes to the affairs of the heart, just let me say, “Let the chips fall where they may.”
In his service,
Brother Russell
wcp 2-19-08


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