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Weakley Co. Rehabilitation and Nursing

Weakley Co. Rehabilitation and Nursing

By: By Brittany Whittemore

wcp 2-5-08
The building is starting to take on the love vibe. The Valentine’s Day decorations are being hung, and the invitations for our couples-only dinner are being prepared. We have only about 10 balloon bouquets left up for grabs and the cost is $8. All the proceeds go to Relay for Life. If you have any questions, give us a call.
This week’s cover card winners were Lillian Melton, Vivian Edwards (twice), Nancy Mansfield, Eddie Nunn and Cynthia Culpepper. Each of the lucky winners received one dollar. Of course, everyone was a winner at Thursday’s regular bingo. This week the prize was 50 cents. The residents have been extra helpful during the very popular game and helping each other watch cards.
Many of the residents gathered together on Wednesday afternoon for popcorn and movie. The popcorn was very tasty and the movie was excellent. We watched the “Secondhand Lions” that was donated with our media cart. The movie wasn’t our only food gathering this week; we also had our January birthday party. The residents helped each other celebrate with rainbow painted cupcakes. They were very moist and delicious and ensured a wonderful party.
Lillian Melton was the winner of the giant tic-tac-toe toss on Tuesday making the most scores. Her second place finisher was Rachel Winstead, and coming in third was Opal Burt. Everyone did an excellent job because this game is much harder than it sounds. A whole other group prevailed as the winners of Ring the Chicken’s Neck. Frances Hicks had the most rings with Nancy Mansfield in second and Vivian Edwards in third. Everyone has gotten good at this game, and the rubber chickens rarely beat anyone.
Mr. Whiteman was with us on Wednesday for our weekly Bible study. He does a great job in song service and scripture. The residents are so fortunate to have him with us each week. Our monthly prayer breakfast was held on Thursday. I led the devotional and prayer services before our delicious country ham breakfast. The dietary department outdid themselves, and everyone was eager to dive in the goodness. The residents also have daily morning devotionals at 8:30. Everyone is invited to attend the casual prayer service that we use to start our day off right.
Our Sunday activities were once again spectacular. The residents started the morning off with services provided by Dresden First Baptist Church and Macedonia Church of Christ. They are truly devoted, and we deeply appreciate each of them. Freeman’s Chapel had another terrific song service for our residents to enjoy. They get rave reviews, and the residents were all smiles as they shared about the program. Our day was ended with the melodic sounds of the Bethel Youth group. Not only are they remarkably polite and sweet, they also have such outstanding talent. Thank you all for your support of our facility.


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