John Tanner honored by Blue Dog Coalition

John Tanner honored by Blue Dog Coalition
Washington, D.C. — Congressman John Tanner has been honored by the members of the fiscally conservative Democratic Blue Dog Coalition for his longtime leadership in restoring fiscal responsibility and accountability to government. As a founding member of the Blue Dog Coalition and senior member of the House Committee on Ways and Means, Congressman Tanner has made significant strides in restoring the fiscal stability and economic security of the United States by implementing common-sense policies such as pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) budgeting.
“As a highly respected member of the Blue Dog Coalition, Representative Tanner has played a major role in putting our country back on track to economic stability after years of reckless fiscal practices by President Bush and the Republican majority in Congress,” said Congressman Mike Ross (D-AR), Blue Dog Co-Chair for Communications. “As a dedicated member of the Blue Dog Coalition and a leader in Congress, Representative Tanner will continue to be a staunch advocate of fiscally responsible policies that will benefit generations to come.”
“I am proud of the success the Blue Dogs have been able to help achieve in restoring common sense and accountability to our federal budget,” said Tanner. “We will keep up the fight to reverse the reckless borrow-and-spend policies that pushed our federal debt above $9 trillion, much of which is borrowed from foreign sources and will have to be repaid, with interest, by our children and grandchildren.”
Under the leadership of Tanner and the Blue Dog Coalition, the House rules package for the 110th Congress included key principles of the Coalition’s plan to restore fiscal responsibility and accountability to the federal government. Early in the year the Blue Dog Coalition also introduced House Resolution 97, “Providing for Operation Iraqi Freedom Cost Accountability,” a measure which is aimed at restoring fiscal accountability to the funding of the war in Iraq. Key provisions of H.Res.97 were recently included in the Fiscal Year 2008 National Defense Authorization bill.
The fiscally conservative Democratic Blue Dog Coalition was formed in 1995 with the goal of representing the center of the House of Representatives and appealing to the mainstream values of the American public. The Blue Dogs are dedicated to a core set of beliefs that transcend partisan politics, including a deep commitment to the financial stability and national security of the United States. Currently there are 47 members of the Blue Dog Coalition.
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Published in The Messenger 1.25.08

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