Rural Americans in Need of Health Care Reform

Rural Americans in Need of Health Care Reform

WASHINGTON (Jan. 23, 2007) – Kansas Farmers Union President Donn Teske today urged Congress to adopt a national health care policy that confronts the numerous difficulties of obtaining affordable and quality health care.

Teske testified before the House of Representatives Small Business Committee and told committee members of his personal difficulties in affording adequate health coverage. Teske’s wife works off the farm for the sole purpose of supplying health insurance for the family.

“Farmers are small business owners and as such are not able to obtain health care insurance through an employer as many Americans do. For those who do have private insurance, it often comes at a high price and does not adequately provide for the high cost of receiving services in rural areas,” Teske said.

Teske suggested allowing farmers or small companies to pool together and negotiate with insurance companies, and offering health plans tailored to one segment of the population, such as farmers.
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