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SF to ask county to collect fees

SF to ask county to collect fees

By: By CHRIS MENEES Messenger Staff Reporter

The South Fulton City Commission has voted to ask Obion County to resume collection of its city sticker fees beginning in 2009.
The commission voted during its monthly session Thursday evening to ask the county to collect the fee when South Fulton city residents renew their vehicle registrations at the county clerk’s office and further agreed to seek a five-year commitment with the county for providing the service.
South Fulton city manager Jeff Vowell emphasized that, if approved by county government, the county clerk’s collection of the city’s city sticker fees would not begin until 2009. Collection of this year’s city sticker fees is currently under way in South Fulton, where residents now pay at City Hall and receive stickers for their vehicles. If collection begins through the clerk’s office, they would no longer receive stickers and the fee would simply be added to their vehicle registration fees.
“We agreed to provide them with all the information they requested on the front end so they can effectively manage the process over there,” Vowell said, adding that the information would include a complete listing of streets and numbers in order to clearly define which addresses are in the South Fulton city limits and which residents are thus required to pay the city sticker fee.
Vowell said the next step is for South Fulton city officials to contact Obion County officials to have the city sticker collection request considered by the county’s governing body. The county clerk’s office had previously collected the fee for the city at some point in the past.
Vowell said the city sticker fee collection by the county clerk’s office would allow South Fulton’s revenue to be more evenly distributed throughout the calendar year as vehicle registrations are gradually renewed by residents as opposed to having “a mad rush” in the one month that city sticker fees are currently due.
“It will smooth the revenue stream, allow a more even flow of revenue,” he said.
Vowell took over the position of South Fulton city manager a month ago. He reported he has had a busy month filled with many meetings and a considerable amount of job-related training.
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Published in The Messenger 1.18.08


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