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Old Bible deserves better fate than local dumpster

Old Bible deserves better fate than local dumpster

By: By JOHN BRANNON Messenger Staff Reporter

Old Bible deserves better fate than local dumpster | Bible, John Brannon, Just A Thought
I can’t help but wonder about a little Bible and a lady by the name of Blossie D. Johnson.
I crossed paths with both, so to speak, a couple of weeks ago when a fellow by the name of Kenneth Hopson called from out of the blue. Hopson had an interesting story to tell.
Evidently, someone had some stuff in storage and it was auctioned off, but a part of it didn’t sell. Hopson said he was driving by and spied the stuff. He checked it out and made quite a find — a little Bible, 5 1/4 inches long, 3 3/4 inches wide and 1 3/8 inches deep. On its front cover, gold letters declaring what you have here is the Holy Bible have faded. The ancient binding on the cover has dried and worked loose and page No. 59-60 is missing. Otherwise, the little book is in great shape for the shape it’s in.
“It was in the dumpster. It shouldn’t be in a dumpster. To me, it’s an heirloom and it needs to be taken care of the way it ought to be taken care of. It shouldn’t be in a dumpster,” he said.
Thus did Hopson contact me, and I’m glad he did. He said it’s OK for us to tell you his phone number — 885-6210 — in case you know something about it.
So if you know anything about this Bible, give him a call.
Meanwhile, here are some of the handwritten notes inscribed inside its cover. They are all written in pencil.
• “Property of Mrs. Blossie D. Wynn. Bought June 25, 1928.”
• “23 Psalm, 3 chapters Genesis, 49 verses.”
• “Doris Elizabeth Blakemore was born Feb. 1, 1932.”
• “Gracie Mai Blakemore was born Dec. 25, 1929.”
• “Allen Wynn & Blossie D. Johnson married Oct. 10, 1930.”
• “Charlie Williams & Mary Sue Johnson married July 30, 1930.”
• “If I by chance to lose this bible and you by chance to find it, remember that my name is Blossie D., and Johnson comes behind it.”
“I hope someone will come forward and claim this Bible as their family’s and take it home. It deserves a home. It doesn’t deserve a dumpster,” Hopson said.
Amen, brother.
Give it a place of honor. Give it prominent display where all who enter can see it and nod respect and reverence.
Frankly, I’m a creationist and I don’t give a hoot what evolutionists think otherwise. They can have the secular; I’ll take the sacred every time.
The Bible is God’s Holy Word. And it deserves better than a trip to a dumpster.
End of story.
John Brannon may be contacted by e-mail at
Published in The Messenger 1.18.08

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