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Judge says possible summer remediation of Westview

Judge says possible summer remediation of Westview
A local judge announced Thursday that if he determines a Martin high school does require remediation of mold contamination, he would rule that it take place during summer break.
After two days of hearing testimony from several witnesses, 27th Judicial District Circuit Court Judge William Acree dismissed a construction company listed in an origianl lawsuit filed the Joost family of Martin and continued an injunction hearing tied with a second lawsuit filed by Carol Hinman of Martin.
The suits allege the students have experienced a variety of medical symptoms they believe is related to mold contamination throughout the public high school. As part of a prayer for relief connected with Hinman’s lawsuit, the second filed against the Weakley County Board of Education in recent months, Acree was asked to grant a temporary injunction against the school to cease operation until the building is apparently “professionally remediated” and rid of “toxic mold.”
Depositions still need to be heard in the case from expert witnesses for both sides. Acree continued the hearing until April 21 to allow depositions to be taken.
Amber Griffin, a member of the legal team of Larry Parrish who is representing Hinman and the Joosts, announced a motion had been field to have mold testing performed at Martin Middle School as well by their toxicologist.
Acree granted the motion and said the school can be tested, but would determine later if the information gathered would be admissable.
Check Tuesday’s edition of The Press for a full account of the testimony heard on Thursday.

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