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Home, Garden, Sporting Expo raises funds for Martin Beautiful

Home, Garden, Sporting Expo raises funds for Martin Beautiful
The Expo is an opportunity for vendors to showcase their products and offer helpful information and knowledge.
Home improvement suggestions, flower and vegetable gardening and sporting advice – hunting, fishing — these vendors can be the answer to the questions.
There will be seminar speakers in each area, including return speakers Carol Reese and Rob Somerville.
This year’s event is slated for Friday, March 7 at 2 p.m. and Saturday, March 8 at 9 a.m. at the Vincent Implements facility on Hwy. 45 in Martin.
For more information on the event or to become a vendor, contact Audrey Roberts at 587-6327 or visit the MBC’s Web site at
The MBC uses a ommunity alliance within northwest Tennessee to assertively work on the beautification of the city. Some of the of the committee’s accomplishments of 2007 are:
1. Presented a successful Home-Garden-Sporting Expo in 2007.
2. Participated in Clean Up Days and continue to clean up.
3. Purchase, assemble hanging baskets for gazebo.
4. Purchased 2 concrete benches for the high school.
5. Purchased plants and shrubs for the Fire Department.
6. Purchased plants and shrubs for the Miles Chapel Adopt-a-Site.
7. Planted and maintained the flower bed at City Hall
8. Renovated and planted flower beds at Poplar Falls Park.
9. Purchased and painted seven picnic tables for Weldon and Poplar Falls Parks
10. Helped the planning of West Tennessee Youth Outdoor Jamboree.
11. Funded planting, flag light and paved walk area around City flagpole in Festival Park.
12. Planted flowers in spring and fall at Post Office.
13. Assisted with getting and installing City Christmas Tree and decorating Gazebo.
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