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Dresden camera study highlights problem areas

Dresden camera study highlights problem areas
In the ongoing camera study of the water system, Dresden Public Works Director Kerry Cooper believes one of the “smoking guns” may have been found.
A major problem was revealed on Hwy. 118 when the sewer line near Park Street was found to have disintegrated.
“We ran the camera through there and not far from the intersection down there where the barrels now are, the top of the sewer line is gone,” Cooper explained. “Also, there are two taps, just by looking — we couldn’t measure it — and where the pipes are coming in, there’s about a two to three foot space with no pipe between the tap and the main. We went down there and until we can get something done to this, we dug it out and there’s a crater under that road, probably 20 feet long. Just a big crater. It looks like a cave underneath that road and that is the reason we got this on an emergency job. It may have been there for years, but the road may fall in tomorrow. That’s the reason we got it barreled and the traffic detoured around it.”
Mayor Danny Forrester and Cooper spoke to Bagher Sami of the State of Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and since the spot is considered an emergency, the state does not require formal bids to be obtained.
Three quotes were submitted: $58,830 from Clifco, Inc. in Dyersburg; $55,500 from James Gammons and Sons in South Fulton and $50,700 from Revell Construction in Union City. The only stipulation with the low bid is that work will not begin until Feb. 18.
A motion was made and passed to consult with city engineer Ed Hargraves before making a decision on going with either the lowest bid or the next to lowest bid.
In other new business, Randy McKinnon, a senior civil engineer with the Tennessee Municipal League, addressed the board on the matter of the PILOT fasttrack grant.
This is a new program designed to help rural communities and because the City of Dresden is in the process of preparing a site for the next spec building, it is eligible for the grant.
Forrester explained that by applying for the grant through the county instead of the city, the City of Dresden stood a greater chance of successfully obtaining the grant.
A motion was made and passed to allow TLM to engineer the project. The next step in the process will be bringing the idea before the Weakley County Commission.
Resolution 2008-06 passed to accept a $4,000 donation for the Harmon and Lucille McWherter Civic Center.
A motion was made and passed to sign a contract with Crunet for wireless internet with installation on the water tower. The signing of the contract will take place after an ongoing spam problem is taken care of.
Finally, in new business, a motion was passed to appoint Robb Newbill to fill Doug Obetz’s recently vacated spot on the Dresden Industrial Board.
In unfinished business, Kevin Howell of Alexander, Thompson and Arnold reviewed the recently finished 2007 Fiscal Year audit as of June 30, 2007.
Some key points of the lengthy document included a reported $8.6 million in total assets city-wide and $2.8 million in current assets and a total liability of $2 million.
The three findings that were discovered lay in the areas of property tax receivable, water loss and segregation of duties, but overall, Howell reported that the city is “doing a good job with it.”
In departmental reports, Police Chief Brent Perry reported that after bringing up the issue of the parking ordinance last month, a decision needed to be made by the board on a possible change or update to the ordinance concerning the limiting of certain vehicles in certain areas.
The main question relating to the ordinance included the concern of larger vehicles impairing street vision. Perry explained that while there is a limit of parking no more than 18 inches from the curb, nothing exists in the ordinance about parking on a hill.
Alderman Make Parrish questioned a need for the creating of a new ordinance when the old one could be more strictly enforced.
“It doesn’t matter if it’s a 20-foot bus or a two-foot bicycle. If it’s a hazard, it should be moved,” he said.
The board agreed that no change should be made to the ordinance.
In announcements, there will be a fund raiser on Feb. 9 for the Civic Center in the form of a gospel singing and chili supper. More specifics will be known later including ticket prices.
The next monthly meeting of the Dresden City Board of Mayor and Aldermen will take place at 6 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 4.
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