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Divorces, Dec. 18, 2007-Jan. 8, 2008

Divorces, Dec. 18, 2007-Jan. 8, 2008

The Messenger 01.09.08

The following divorces or annulments were granted Dec. 19-Jan. 8 by Chancellor W. Michael Maloan and were filed in the office of Obion County Clerk & Master Paula Rice. All Chancery Court divorces and annulments are listed, without exception, and are only listed once final decrees or orders are signed by the chancellor.
Jan. 3
• Garrett Stork and Brandi Stork.
• Angelia Marie McMillin and Gregory Neil McMillin.
• Amanda F. McKenzie and Billy E. McKenzie.
Jan. 7
• Jennifer Caryl Aldridge and Joseph Brian Aldridge.
• Cathy Massey and Keith Massey.
• William Joseph Byrd Jr. and Heather Byrd.
Jan. 8
• Tammy Batts and Shane Batts.


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