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Youth League Basketball

Youth League Basketball

By: By Jeana Berry

It is the start of yet another great youth league basketball season here in Martin.
First up in boys’ action we had:
Martin Skyhawks vs. Crush, with Skyhawks winning 27-23.
Leading the Skyhawks was Bretton Hazlewood with 13 points, followed by Blake Moore with 9 points. Jason Hicks put up 4 points, and Malik Johnson made 1 during half time. Dakota Franklin, Jordan Hazelwood, Easton Brawley and Christopher Pinto all showed up and played good defense to help the team out.
Leading for the Crush was Emmett Daniel with 18 points. Kevon Hess made 3 points and Jared Woctham made 2 points. Showing up to play with tremendous effort were Cooper Gilliam, Grant Campbell, Harrison Capps, Seth Hayes and Tucker Bigham.
Next up was the Jayhawks with 36 points over the Chargers with 34 points with the game going into overtime.
Leading the Jayhawks was DJ Draper with 24 points. Brendon Moitland with 4 points, Will Erwin with 3 points, and Kevin Joo and Koby Ashmore both with 2 points. Tony Patrick was able to put a point up at the half. Bringing in the hardcore “D” was BJ White and Zanion Wright.
Leading the Chargers was Houston Haag with 16 points. Following closely was Darren Hogue with 7 points and Chase Spencer with 6 points. Dylan McClanahan and Jon Creed Coley both scored 2 points. Kaine Garner made his free throw at the half, and Ryan Davis came in playing good defense.
The last game for the boys was played by Green Machines winning over the Grizzles 39-25.
Leading the Green Machines with 19 points was Dallas Collins. Cannon Campbell had 8 points, and Barrett Belote scored 7 points. Following them closely was Luis Sanchez with 4 points, and Cory Armatys scored 1. Coming in to play great on both ends of the court were Collin Stricklin and Bruce Hicks.
Leading the Grizzles was Landon Pitcher with 15 points. Jordan Long came in with 6 points, and Dillon Moss and James Pritchett each scored 2 points. Bringing in good defense was Trevor Holcomb and Jeffery Box.
In the girls action…
First up we had the Heat winning over the Flames 16 -13.
Leading the Heat was Alexis Freeman with 6 points. Following very close was Kendall Hamelson, and Katie Vincent with 4 points. Kaitlin Hatchett was able to put up 2. Coming in to play hardcore “D” were Emily Plunk, Ragan Rushing, Maddy Vincent and Karly Ogg.
Leading the Flames was Kennedy Basham with 6 points. Leslie Patterson, Danielle Winston and Myracle Brown were all able to put up 2 points. Bailey Swaim made her free throw at the half. Megan McClure, Lyndsey VanCleave and Taylor Yott all brought the skills with them to play good defense.
The last game for the girls was played by the Lady Sparks winning over the Flames 34-21.
Tiffany Rechis came in leading the Sparks with 19 points. Following her were Aaliyah Albea with 9 points and Madison Ford with 6 points. Coming in to play tremendous defense were Brittney Johnson, Emma Fieser, Michelle Fieser and Enn Bell.
Leading for the Flames was Megan McClure with 11 points. Leslie Patterson made 3 points, and Danielle Winston and Bailey Swaim scored 2 points each. Making free throws at the half were Kennedy Basham, Taylor Yott and Myracle Brown. Playing good “D” was Lyndsey VanCleave.


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