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Weakley Co. Rehabilitation Nursing

Weakley Co. Rehabilitation Nursing

By: By Brittany Whittemore

wcp 1-10-08
We rang in the New Year in style! The residents had a full day of activities. The room was decorated with tons of metallic stars to get everyone ready for a fun and exciting 2008. We started the day off with Monday round of cover card. The favored game was sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. At 2 p.m., we all gathered for a pizza party. The enormous selections of pizzas and cheese sticks were soon devoured by the hungry crowd of partygoers. Afterwards, we filled our sweet tooth with delicious sugar, chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. The late afternoon snack was sure to keep the residents going for the rest of the activities in store. New Salem Baptist Church was with us at 6 p.m. They do a spectacular job, and the residents were so happy to have them with us. Their kind faces are always welcome. David McBride, administrator, finished the night off with a beautiful fireworks display. The residents were all bragging about its beauty and how grateful they were for him braving the cold for the day’s special finale.
Of course the New Year just isn’t complete without black-eyed peas and resolutions. The dietary department made sure the residents had all the special foods to eat to ensure luck and health. Some of the residents and staff have posted our New Year’s resolutions in the activity room. It was fun and hopefully a way to help us stick to them.
The restorative program has been very special to our activity program. They have been providing extra activities for our residents over the holidays. They have made popcorn and played movies, made hot chocolate and cakes, and played games. We are so thankful for all the extra work they have put forward to keep our residents entertained.
This week’s cover card winners have been Maudie Maxey, Naomi Owen, Willodean Hathcock, Vivian Edwards, Pearl Hawkins, Cynthia Culpepper, Buford Insco, Violet Morris, and Esther Cook. The bingo prizes were donated by the Grace Sunday School Class at New Salem Baptist Church. The residents were thrilled with the huge assortments of snack cakes and crackers. They have also supplied us with a roll of quarters for our next round of quarter bingo. Extra cover card money was also supplied by Aletha Legons and Mrs. Owen’s daughter. We deeply appreciate all of you for thinking of us.
Our January Resident Council Meeting was held on Jan. 3. Alberta Barker presided over the closed meeting with 15 residents and five department heads present. The floor is always open for the residents to express any areas of concerns and likes and dislikes. Upcoming events and menu of the month is also scheduled. This is a wonderful opportunity for the residents to have their voices heard and questions answered by the staff. We encourage all the residents to attend.
Our sports winners this week had to work hard for the bragging rights. Inez Spence was the shuffleboard champion with Nancy Mansfield and Violet Morris as runners-up. The game was extra fun and took great skill. Congratulations to our winners.
Macedonia Church of Christ and Dresden First Baptist Church conducted our Sunday morning services at their respected times. We are so thankful and fortunate to have them provide services each week. Freeman’s Chapel was with us that afternoon for a wonderful program. Their song service and devotional were well received and the residents were left to share with others about how great they did. Thank you all!


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