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Cherry’s Corner

By: By Bro. Russell Cherry

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Thus says the Lord, the God of David thy father, ” I have heard thy prayer, I have seen your tears; behold, I will heal you in three days and you shall come up (and worship me) in the Lord’s house.”
2 KINGS 20:5

Stuck on board!
By Bro. Russell Cherry

Christmas is passed and the wolf of winter is about to begin snarling and snapping at the door. The older I get the more I hate cold weather. I will say that Christmas 2007 was picture perfect as far as the weather goes, to suit my fancy. Sunny days prevailed without any person slipping off the road because of ice.
Not one automobile to my knowledge was damaged in a weather-related occurrence. Thank God for the nice traveling weather.
We are blessed here in West Tennessee to live in the dividing line between the North and the Deep South. When the jet stream roars down towards us from Canada bringing with it Arctic air, the Man most times pulls back on the stick over southern Illinois or Paducah, Ky. Thank you Lord. My old bones appreciate it. This is not to say that I do not like to see snow. Having lived in Chicago for some time I saw plenty of it. It is a different kind of snow (not the damp kind) that stays for days with cold consistent, not warm one day and cold the next like we experience here. Our weather makes a lot of folks sick. I do like to see snow on mountaintops on calendars, like Popokaytaypetal in Mexico.
I remember one particular winter when I was a boy in Martin when there was an ice storm during the night. Our coal pile and everything else was glazed over and it was difficult to bring more into the house to dry in the fuel-box behind the stove. We kept two or three coalscuttles filled for adding to the fire as the need arose during the night. Father would often times set the ice-filled water bucket on top of the stove to free the dipper that we all drank from in the mornings so we could have coffee and water to drink.
In a vacant lot behind our house on Carter Street stood a shed with a metal (tin) roof that had a fairly large pile of discarded tongue-and-groove flooring planks stacked up behind it full of nails.
Children many times do not realize the danger of things left lying around and sometime get hurt or killed. Some things are better left alone.
Propped up against the front of this dilapidated shed was an old half-rotten ladder. For whatever reason, I decided that I would climb this old ladder, sit down on top of the tin roof and look at all the crystal ice on the trees and things around our home. I made it up the ice-covered rungs of the ladder to the roof but when I turned around to sit down my feet flew out from under me on the ice-coated tin and I rolled like a basketball head-over-heels and fell off into the pile of old lumber and onto the muddy ground.
When I stood up I had a piece of wood attached flat to my chest by a long finishing nail sticking in my breastbone. It burned like fire and I cried as I took hold of it with both hands and removed it from my body. No more than three drops of blood came out of the puncture wound.
I went into the house crying still and told Mother what had happened to me and naturally she was concerned. She said it could have pierced my heart. Father said a rusty nail is not poison, as some folks believe but new ones that have the grease and bacteria. A small coal-oil bandage was taped over the hole until bedtime, and I did not sleep much that night. Suffice to say God healed me and heard my prayer, and feeling that my pain was enough Mom and Dad did not administer corporal punishment. The puncture left no scare, but I have never liked to go around old empty buildings since that day forward.

In His Service:
Bro. Russell Cherry


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