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American Legion & Auxiliary meets

American Legion & Auxiliary meets

By: By Hyla Richardson

wcp 1-8-08
The meeting was a joint meeting in which no regular business was done. As has been the custom for several years, the two groups shared a delicious dinner following the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer. After everyone enjoyed the good food. Commander Darnell, in the spirit of jollity, asked James Butts and Horace Harper to come forward. Then Butts presented Harper with a small container of deviled eggs because the eggs were usually gone by the time Harper ate.
Commander Darnell presented two other certificates. One was a Certificate of Appreciation to the members of the Auxiliary who helps the Legion carry out their mission. The other was to Horace Harper who has been cooking the food for the monthly dinners for many years. He does that because he is a loyal Legion member and because he likes to be helpful. Mr. Warren Everett presented everyone with a small flag as a way of expressing thanks for the service each had provided.
The meeting ended with the singing of Christmas songs with Helen Watts at the piano and with Charles Smith and Shirley Alexander leading the songs. The meeting closed with a prayer by Chaplain Charles Smith.
The next meeting will be on the third Thursday of January. All members are encouraged to attend and help get the New Year off to a good start.


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