Goodyear changes disposal policy

Goodyear changes disposal policy
What started as a lofty challenge at the Union City Goodyear plant became a reality last week: The plant is no longer transporting waste to the local landfill.
Two green-colored material containers — otherwise known as “open-top roll-offs,” were removed from the plant site last week, as plant associates no longer throw any kind of trash into a gondola.
As of now, associates collect all polyethylene, pallets, cardboard, plastics and other trash items and send then via the appropriate container to recycling.
The plant’s waste control area has been given a new name — the “recycling center.”
Any waste that is generated at the plant is no longer discarded by taking it to the landfill, according to Mark Kinsey, the plant’s environmental coordinator. Measures are already in place in areas throughout the plant to reduce or recycle all waste streams.
Several major steps were taken recently with the packaging of milling waste and shipment of the plant’s first container of to-be-recycled milling waste to a company in northern Ohio.
And, Monday, Kinsey and Bruce Trout were in Huntsville, Ala., to witness the processing of the plant’s first shipment of wire friction waste by Covanta Energy, a company which incinerates this and other types of waste to generate steam power for the U.S. Army’s Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville.
“We are proud of what we have accomplished this year,” Kinsey said.
“We still have a lot of work to do in-house to streamline our waste handling procedures. Thus far, we are very pleased with the acceptance and willingness shown by our team members in preparing waste materials for shipment to recycling companies.
“When you think about it, this achievement — ‘zero waste to the landfill’ — was a big step for our plant and our associates.”
A number of other Goodyear plants have also successfully attained “zero-waste-to-the-landfill” recently, Kinsey said, or are approaching this threshold.
He credits several area contractors, including Barker Brothers and Advanced Recycling of Union City, Martin Tire Recovery in Marion, Ky., and Covanta for their work and cooperation in supporting this Goodyear initiative.
“We must also recognize our associates and many other individuals, including Mike Cary of Obion County Waste Management, who have worked with us on this major project,” Kinsey said.
“We will continue to work after the holidays to strengthen our waste disposition processes to meet our recycling needs.”
WCP 12.27.07

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