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CDBG Grant Secured For Dresden

CDBG Grant Secured For Dresden
NASHVILLE – Gov. Phil Bredesen, Sen. Roy Herron, Rep. Mark Maddox and Economic and Community Development Commissioner Matthew Kisber recently approved a $400,992 Community Development Block Grant to improve the Dresden sewer system in Weakley County.
“I’m very pleased the state of Tennessee can offer this financial assistance to Dresden for improvements to their sewer system,” Bredesen said. “The types of infrastructure repair and modernization projects funded by Community Development Block Grants benefit and boost development at the local level and lead to the continued improvement of our state’s economic health.”
“CDBG grants are a valuable tool for communities that need a leg-up toward necessary, but cost-prohibitive, improvements,” Sen. Herron said. “This money brings Dresden closer than ever to their community goals, and they should be commended for being resourceful enough to seek it out.”
Funding for the $455,672 project will include $54,680 in local funds. The funds were provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and were allocated under a procedure authorized by the Tennessee General Assembly. The grants were approved by the ECD Loan and Grant Committee following an application by each county.
“CDBG grants offer needed support to communities at the most basic levels of infrastructure, including well-kept roads and effective water and sewer facilities,” Kisber said. “ECD is pleased to lend its support to this program that is so essential to the progress of communities across the state.”
The grant was approved following an application by the City of Dresden and has the support of Mayor Danny Forrester and Sen. Roy Herron and Rep. Mark Maddox. Sen. Lamar Alexander, Sen. Bob Corker and Congressman John Tanner aided in securing the funds.
“This CDBG grant is one more stepping stone toward greater prosperity for our community,” Rep. Maddox said. “Improvements, like the one this money will fund, are the building blocks of economic development.”
Allocation of CDBG funds is based on priorities set at local levels where community needs are best known. The CDBG program is administered in Tennessee by the Department of Economic and Community Development.

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