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Judge Acree hears motions in lawsuit against local hospital

Judge Acree hears motions in lawsuit against local hospital
Motion after motion was heard two weeks ago in front of Circuit Court Judge William Acree regarding a lawsuit filed against a local hospital and all who were connected with it.
Acree weeded through the motions which pertained to discovery, interrogatories and time frames in a wrongful death case geared at Volunteer Community Hospital, a former VCH nurse and contracted doctor.
The suit alleges 22-year-old Jodi Woods received inadequate care when admitted to the emergency room of the hospital last summer. Apparently Woods had a fatal case of bacterial meningitis when she sought treatment at Volunteer Community for the worst headache she had ever had, according to the lawsuit.
Woods complained of a severe headache, visual changes, vomiting and a fever, according to the suit. She was reportedly given a series of antipsychotics as well as a drug used to reverse the effects of narcotics within a four-hour period on the day she went to the emergency room at Volunteer Community Hospital, according to the lawsuit filed by her mother Donna Shedd.
It was noted in the suit that Woods received her first antibiotic four hours after being admitted to the hospital. Her heart and respiration began to shut down at 7:10 p.m. that evening and she was airlifted to Jackson-Madison County General Hospital at 7:30 p.m., according to the lawsuit.
Woods died later in Jackson from complications of meningococcal meningitis and encephalopathy.
Shedd has filed suit against VCH; , Dr. David Oruma, emergency room doctor that day; Shani Edge, R.N. in the ER during Woods’ visit and the companies that apparently have a vested interest in the hospital.
After some confusion in the courtroom two weeks ago as to who actually owns and operates Volunteer Community Hospital, Acree ruled that Shedd’s attorney Matthew Wright be given more time for discovery.
The attorney cited the parties involved are claiming one another are at fault in the case, but no one has stated how or why.
Acree announced he would not set a trial date for the case as of yet.
“Very few of these types of cases ever go to trial,” Acree said.
Lawyers from all parties involved in the suit are scheduled to meet today in Acree’s chambers for a scheduling conference.
Shedd is requesting $10 million in compensatory damages and a jury to try the case.
WCP 12.20.07

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