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26 year Christmas Village

26 year Christmas Village
26 year Christmas Village | Denise Burdette, Tennessee, Christmas Village, California

Denise Burdette’s Christmas Village
What began as one foot of a holiday village has grown into a small-scale replica of an entire state. When it is just so, the picturesque example of family lifestyles can be seen in the Christmas “village” that Denise Burdette of Martin crafts year after year.
“The Lord gives me a picture of it in my sleep and I try to replicate that picture,” Burdette explained. She said she garners her inspiration from not only the Man upstairs, but from settings across Tennessee. Recently, she, her husband James and her mother Imogene Jones moved to Tennessee from California. Burdette changed her landscape throughout the village to mimic Tennessee scenes, while still keeping some remnants of her home state of California.
The village portrays farm scenes, woodlands, a pumpkin patch and mountains significant to the Cumberland Plateau and East Tennessee. Burdette explained her holiday village also depicts a cider house indicative to a town in California known for its prize apples and homemade cider.
A focal piece is the church that her husband grew up in residing on a hill in the village. The rest, she said, flows from there.
Burdette began her village 26 years ago with a few pieces that she casted her self out of ceramic. From there, it has grown to mimic life during the fall and winter seasons. It is an evolutionary process that takes shape Sept. 1 until the final landscape is developed in November. After that, Burdette and visitors in her home can admire and soak up the vision that she has created that continues to be a gift that she receives from God and shares with everyone else.
WCP 12.25.07

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