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Darwin Chamber releases Christmas album

Darwin Chamber releases Christmas album

Darwin Chamber, one of the few music producers able to create three dimensional (3D) audio, announces the release of his new 3D holiday environment album titled “3D Christmas Sound Effects” exclusively on iTunes ($9.99).

3D audio allows a listener to exist virtually within an audible environment. In lieu of listening to a flat wall of sound, audio elements are heard above, below, in front, and behind you. The end result is a sonically fascinating 360 degree audio experience.

“3D Christmas Sound Effects” is the first of its kind capturing the holiday spirit and includes four Christmas themed tracks: “Santa’s Sleigh Ride,” “Christmas Eve,” “Winter Wonderland,” and “Yule Log.” There’s also a bonus track, an environment series sampler, which is an assortment of Chamber’s other environment albums.

“Santa’s Sleigh Ride is such a fun track. You get the best of Christmas by hearing kids toss snowballs over your head, Santa Clause and his reindeers landing the sleigh behind you, carolers singing around you, and so much more,” Chamber said.

A pioneer in this production technique, Chamber places real natural sound sequences as his background and layers it with other raw sounds found in that environment. The finished digitized track puts the listener at the scene of the recording unlike anything else available.

3D audio has been around since the mid-70s but only a handful of people know the technical process of actually rendering the sound. Chamber’s 3D environments have gained so much popularity that a number of his albums have hit #1 on iTunes charts.

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Posted 12.19.07


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