Form: Messenger Weddings

Form: Messenger Weddings

The Messenger still prints weddings free of charge.

The following is information which may be submitted in the write-up. You may include as much or as little of the information as you wish or additional information special to your wedding. The write-up MUST BE NO MORE THAN FIVE (5) DOUBLE SPACED TYPED PAGES. All submissions will be limited to no more than 60 inches of copy. All information is subject to editing.

We asked that photos be close up to the couple and that they be clear. Computer-generated photographs do not print well and will be refused. Both color and black and white prints are acceptable. Color is actually preferred.

Both first and last names, as well as cities of address, of those listed in the write-up must be included. Their relationship to the bridal couple may also be indicated.

• bridal couple’s names (include maiden name of bride) and places of address prior to the wedding

• couples parents’ and grandparents’ names and places of address

• location of wedding, including city

• How the building, gardens, etc., were decorated, including the types of flowers used

• Those with parking attendants may include who participated and where they are from

• names and places of address for those attending the register and how the register table was decorated

• names and places of address for those serving as ushers and how each person was dressed

• names and places of address for those in the bridal party – may include how each person was dressed

• may include description of bride’s dress and bouquet

• may include items carried i.e. her something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

• name of minister and place of address

• may list if a double-ring ceremony, may list as a Christian ceremony if you choose

• may include those who played music, and their cities of address, providing they were not paid for their services

• may include the selections of music played prior to and during the wedding ceremony

• location of reception and how decorated

• may include names and addresses of those supplying music for the reception – provided they were not paid for their services – You may indicate whether live or DJ music was used.

• may include the names of songs played for special dances – couple’s first dance, groom-mother dance, bride-father dance

• may include description of food tables and list items served as well as names and addresses of those serving – provided they were not paid for their services

• may include description of bride’s and groom’s cakes, how each table was decorated and names and addresses of who served, provided they were not paid for their services

• may include names and addresses of people who caught bouquet and garter

•may include how the couple was ushered off to their honeymoon and where they honeymooned • may include where the couple plans to reside Information about the rehearsal dinner and bridesmaids luncheon may also be submitted with the wedding write-up and are to be included within the allotted amount of space. THERE IS A STRICT 6 WEEKS DEADLINE AFTER THE WEDDING. Any information submitted past this date can still be printed in The Messenger, but it must be paid for at the prevailing advertising rate. The Messenger Wedding Guidelines The Messenger is one of the few newspapers that continues to offer free photos and wedding write-ups. However, in order to give each couple equal access to the space available and to ensure as accurate a description of the event as possible, the following guidelines apply to all weddings and parties submitted.

• All weddings must be submitted typed and double spaced. Handwritten weddings will not be accepted. Each couple may turn in NO MORE THAN five typed, double-spaced pages covering the details of the wedding, rehearsal dinner and reception. Parties which occur on the wedding day or the day of the rehearsal, such as a bridesmaids’ luncheon may also be included. This information may be e-mailed to Donna Ryder at

• Wedding details must be submitted no later than six weeks after the ceremony. The date of the wedding must appear on all stories. Photographers should be notified of this deadline. Weddings that do not meet this deadline can still be printed in The Messenger, but they must be paid for at the prevailing advertising rate.

• Good quality, clear photographs, either color or black and white, will be accepted for both the engagement and wedding. Due to The Messenger’s printing process computer-generated photos will NOT be accepted. Pictures should be submitted with the engagement announcement or wedding and a delay in receiving the photo from the photographer will not be sufficient reason to justify waiving the six weeks’ deadline. Photographs may also be e-mailed to and must be in jpeg format.

• Names of the couple must be clearly printed on the back of the photo. Photographs may be picked up at The Messenger as soon as they have appeared in the paper.

• A daytime telephone number must be included on all wedding and engagement submissions, including those submitted by e-mail.

• Engagement announcements must be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the wedding, earlier if possible. Brides should be advised that space limitations frequently mean that an announcement cannot be printed until several days after it is received. An engagement form is available at The Messenger.

• Bridal courtesies, excluding the rehearsal dinner, reception and parties that occur on the day of the wedding or the day preceding the wedding, must be submitted no later than two weeks after they occur and should also be typed, double-spaced.

• Final wedding plans will also be accepted for inclusion in The Messenger and must be submitted no later than two weeks before the wedding.

• Cities of address MUST be included for every person listed in all write-ups. Again, details listed in the final write-up are at the discretion of the Women’s Editor and will be tailored to fit existing space.

Guidelines for deadlines and the form in which material must be submitted are not negotiable and apply equally to all brides. For more information, call Donna Ryder at 885-0744 or email her at


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